Now Facebook app will run in Jio Phone

  • Now Facebook app will run in Jio Phone
    Now Facebook app will run in Jio Phone
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The most widely used social media app in the world, Facebook, will now also be the cheapest 4G feature phone on the phone. Nearly 10 million users of Geo Phone will benefit from this. Here's the point of view that after this move of Reliance, Geo Phone users will be able to enjoy the smartphone on the feature phone.

A special app from Facebook will now be available on India's smartphone ie Geophone tomorrow ie February 14th. This new version of the Facebook app has been specially designed for Kai operating systems running in Jio phones. Please tell that Kai OS is a web based operating system that so far users have been using Facebook through the web, but now they will be able to run the Facebook app in the Geo Phone. Geo will also support push-notifications, video and external content links on the phone coming to the phone.

Geo Director Akash Ambani said in support of the Facebook app in Geophone, "This is the world's cheapest smartphone, which is specially built with Transformal Technology to migrate from a feature phone to a smartphone. Facebook is an introduction, Geophone will bring the world's best app to one place, this was a futures for Geophos customers. The world's largest mobile data network, Geo is designed to connect every Indian with digital revolution. Geophon is an integral part of this geo-movement.

On this particular launch, Facebook's Vice President of Mobile Partnership Francisco Varela said that he is excited about partnership with Geo and using Geophone is a chance to provide this best Facebook experience for crores of people. While working with partners like Geo, we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of connecting everywhere.

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