Rahul's four trips in Gujarat, these four experiments, what is difficult for BJP?

  • Rahul's four trips in Gujarat, these four experiments, what is difficult for BJP?
    Rahul's four trips in Gujarat, these four experiments, what is difficult for BJP?
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Gujarat elections are on the head and all the parties have removed all political arrows from their quiver. On one hand, in an effort to eliminate Modi's Gujarat, on the other hand, Congress tried to eliminate 22 years of age. But this time Sin has changed quite a lot. Especially for the Congress. Modi is not in Gujarat and now is on the power of the country, Congress is watching Gujarat as a semi-final for 2019. In such a scenario, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi took over.

Gujarat elections are being held in a time when the 2019 election is close, Rahul Gandhi is to be crowned as the Congress President and the Modi government is in the midst of many issues including employment and economy. Rahul Gandhi made his launch pad to Gujarat and dropped off in the field. So far, in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi has undertaken four Navsrijan tours. The typical Gujarati style, philosophy of temples, food on the dhaba, discussion of tea shops, meeting with the workers, talking to the elderly, the farmers, the selfie with the youth, this is something that has changed in Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat. Widely seen, Rahul Gandhi used four types of experiments before assuming the command of Congress and made Gujarat a test ground for it:

1. Stake on Ethnic Card

In Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi's search for Modi's trump card cut that made Congress more or less marginalized in the 2014 elections. I.e. answer to the Hindu card from the ethnic card The most difficult thing for BJP is that caste politics does not suit her. This is an example of the assembly elections in Bihar. RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav had demolished the Bihar assembly elections and demolished the BJP around the caste. This is the reason Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi played ethnic card to win the political battle of Gujarat on the lines of Bihar.

Rahul Gandhi has introduced the patriarch, OBC, and Dalit and tribal votes in Gujarat. If you look at the views of these three societies, there is a stake above 70 percent. In view of this, Rahul had invited Trimurti, Alpesh, Jignesh and Hardik, who came out of the caste movement in Gujarat, to come together. Rahul's attempt was also successful. While Alpesh joined Congress, Jignesh and Hardik have announced support. The Congress's ethnic card has increased the restlessness of the BJP. Narendra Modi had to say in Gujarat that he did not come under the ruse of casteism, racial issues would obstruct the development of the country.

2. Anti-Hindu image broke

From Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi is trying to answer the allegations of BJP's 'anti-Hindu' and 'appeasement of minorities' on the Congress party by BJP. Actually, the Antony Committee considered the anti-Hindu image because of the Congress's defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul has done the exercise of breaking the anti-Hindu image of Congress through the visit of Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi started the Navasrajan Yatra with the worship of Saurashtra's Dwarkadhish temple. Rahul Gandhi is on the path of soft Hindutva in Gujarat. In rallies to be held in Muslim-dominated areas, Rahul is seen on the Saint Mahant stage. If Rahul's convoy is over, then he does not stop at a mosque falling on the road and he does not bow down. While on the other hand Rahul made a tilak on his forehead during his four trips to Gujarat and passing through the Darshan of the temples falling on the way and passing the forehead. Rahul has appeared in all the major temples of Gujarat. Rahul's Twitter account is full of his photographs of philosophy in the temples.

Rahul also teaches the lessons of the Mahabharata in Gujarat: On behalf of the Pandavas, Lord Krishna went to meet Duryodhana and demanded only 5 villages. Duryodhan replied that the tip of the needle will not equal even land. Even then the fight of truth and untruth was still fighting the truth and false. BJP is disturbed by the tremendous patriotism in the temples of Rahul and is questioning even after going to his temples. Rahul responds by saying that he is a devotee.

3. People connect

In Gujarat, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi appeared in a new look and new style. Rahul tried to communicate directly with the public during the Gujarat visit. Rahul showed his every question, accusation and his submission to the people. There are more crowds in the rallies of Rahul than before. When Rahul talks about the problems of the tribals, they call upon a tribal youth to give a speech on the stage. If he does not come to Hindi then Rahul says you say I will translate and interpret with someone else.

Rahul goes in the middle of the people, selfie pulls. The old men are all but take special care of the children, but the important thing is that what is the tradition in the locality, under tradition, they stand between the peacock's peacock feathers and try to get the photo, try it. After finishing Rahul's day-to-day political campaign, Rahul, wearing his blue Rahul Gandhi made unemployment biggest issue during the Navsirjan Yatra in Gujarat. The government had to cut the GST rates on the GST if the government encroached on GST. Rahul is also talking about the condition of farmers Gujarat is ranked 9th in the case of suicides by farmers. Today the condition of farmers in the country is quite pathetic. Rahul is not responding to BJP's issues on these issues. It is the reason BJP is now engaged in finding a bunch of Rahul's strategy and more than 10 central ministers including Prime Minister Modi are preparing to campaign in Gujarat.

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