Only after assuming power, Kanshi Ram will have a real respect.

  • Only after assuming power, Kanshi Ram will have a real respect.
    Only after assuming power, Kanshi Ram will have a real respect.
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On behalf of Bahujan Samaj Party Celebrating the birth anniversary of Kashi Ramji

Mr. Kashiram Saheb started his agitation from Maharashtra. In particular, Nagpur was the main center for their agitation. They organized the agitation in places like Gaddigodam in Nagpur. He studied in the small library at Gaddigodam. To fulfill this struggle, the goal of Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar and all humanist great men was their goals and objectives. This is the goal of the haunted mother. Kashiramji went to UP and formed the power of the BSP.

He showed that a dalit woman like  K. Mayawati could become "the chief minister of the country's largest state" and could be "harassed and desperate" for the exploited-victim-Bahujan community. Having traveled thousands of kilometers of bicycle, Mr. Kanshi Ramji worked hard to bring Bahujan community to the mainstream. Bahujan Samaj Party formed the country's thirteen main party. If you want to complete the movement of the famous Kanshi Ramji, then you should establish a government of Bahujan Samaj Party in Maharashtra and the country, take the key to power. The leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), said that when the master's keys will be in our hands and the Bahujan Samaj will become a ruling, it will be a true tribute to the famous Kanshi Ramji. Suresh Sakhare did today.


At the local Vasantrao Deshpande auditorium on behalf of Bahujan Samaj Party, the founder of the Nagpur Divisional BSP, Bamcef, DS For, He was speaking as the chief guide of the program organized on the occasion of organizing the occasion of Kanshi Ramji's birth anniversary and on the occasion of the occasion of Bahujan Samaj Divas. The main attendance of this event was in the charge of state in charge. Sandeep Tajne, Special Guest as Regional Vice President Krishna Bele and state general secretary Jitendra Mhaiskar, state secretary Biswas Raut, Nana Devgade, Rajiv Basavnathe, Dilip Motghare, Pandit Dighde, Prabhat Khillare, Yogesh Ishi, Hemlata Shambharkar, Advocate Sunil Dongre, Zone In-charge Mangesh Thakre, Chetan Pawar, Rupesh Bageshwar, Harish Mangam, Rishikesh Khatri, Ashish Sarode, Uttam More, Rakitai Bhagat, Abdul Hafeez were in attendance.


The country is in undeclared emergency situations and the people are bored with the BJP government. Congress and BJP are two sides of coin. Bahujan Samaj Party is working for the benefit of the Bahujan Samaj in the country. Mayawati has shown to all the world when she is the chief minister of the society. The people of Uttar Pradesh are reminded of the BSP government again and they will not be able to retain the BSP in the next elections. Even in 2019, the BSP will become power in the center and also the optimism that sister Mayawati becomes the Prime Minister. Suresh Sakhre expressed it. He appealed to the office bearers and activists of Maharashtra to strengthen the organization and bring the BSP to power.


BSP State Incharge Advocate Sandeep Tajne said in light of the life of Kashi Ramji, that the famous Kashi Ramji created a historic revolution in this country by creating the Bamcef, the DSFor and the Bahujan Samaj Party. Fule-Shahu-Ambedkari created positive energy in the society. Because of their struggle, the neglected community is getting an honorable place in Indian politics today. Sandeep Tajne gave many proofs He highlighted the struggle of Kashi Ramji.


On this occasion, BSP workers and corporators were assisted by financial assistance from the orphans in the orphanage.


State vice president Krishna Bele and State General Secretary Jitendra Mhaiskar, Pvt. P.S. Changole, Rajkumar Shende, Chetan Pawar, Mangesh Thakre, Balasaheb Gawande, Arvind Mali, Inji Shantaram Tayade, Eng. Dadarav Uike, also had speeches at the time. Preliminary District President Nagora Jaikar administered the task by Pruthviraj Shende (Regional General Secretary). Acknowledgment expressed by Rupesh Bageshwar.


On this occasion, the presence of a large number of BSP office bearers and activists was present.

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