Modi cabinet gives gift to common man

  • Modi cabinet gives gift to common man
    Modi cabinet gives gift to common man
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The Modi government took several important decisions in the Cabinet meeting on Thursday. Important decisions taken in this cabinet meeting will benefit the common man. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the scope of relief has been increased on the interest rates offered to those who buy the house, even if there is a special provision for the common man about GST.

The central cabinet has increased the scope of interest subsidy under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. Earlier, where the subsidy was available at 90 centimeters area. Now for this 120 square meter area has been fixed. Simultaneously, the cabinet has also increased the carpet area for the elite homes for this scheme. This facility will be given to the people of the middle income group under the credit linked scheme.

People of poor sections and low income groups are given relief at the interest rate under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. If these people take loans from banks, housing finance companies and other institutions, they will have to pay only 6.5 per cent interest. For this, 20 years of loan tenure is available with certain conditions.

Apart from this, the credit linked subsidy under the scheme is given to the loan amount of just Rs 6 lakh and loan amount of Rs 6 lakh. This subsidy scheme can be taken only when someone is building a new or want to make a new room in the existing house or build a quote.

The cabinet also gave great relief to the common man about pulses. The cabinet has also removed the ban on export of pulses. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that farmers will be given more options to sell their produce so that their income is increased.

The Modi government has given the second big gift to GST. Modi Cabinet has given green signal to setting up a non-profit All India Committee. This will allow action against those who do not benefit from the GST reduced rate to the common people.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the standing committee of the All-Profit Committee will also be formed at the central level along with the state. If any customer feels that he is being profited with him then he can complain about it. In such a way their businessmen will be.

Whether the provision of punishment will be made against those who have profiteers. Ravi Shankar said that this will be considered further. Right now, the formation of the committee has been approved. '

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