Mns amravati president kidnapped through bolero

  • Mns amravati president kidnapped through bolero
    Mns amravati president kidnapped through bolero
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The mood of the MNS office-bearer, who threatened to speak out in a lucrative language with MLA Bachu Kadu, was filled with excitement in the wake of the shocking black ballon from the Jan Chaukha. The police avoided discomfort with the release of the office bearers in Rahite Colony Chowk.

Police arrested Pushkar activist Tushar Najukrao Pundkar in connection with the kidnapping. His other colleagues are searching for him. It is known that Tusshar is the nephew of the bitter. Santosh Badre is the name of the injured MNS officer. He is the president of Amravati city of MNS.

Some days ago, Badre threatened MLA Bachu Kadu from the phone. Tushar learned about this. He contacted Badre. He said that he would talk to the police to eradicate the matter. Badre is currently in Nagpur. If you want to meet, people will meet at the Janta Chowk in Nagpur on Tuesday evening.

Tushar came to Nagpur with black-colored bolero, including Kishore Deshmukh, Avinash Gowsunder, Nikhil Gawande, Sayyad Arli alias Gavnar and others. At around 6.45 pm, a motorcycle and a motorcycle with Badre in Jan Chowk reached the public square. In some cases, Tushar came along with the activists. They began to beat the girl. His companions grew up with the conversation. Furious, Badar was beaten by Tusshar and his comrades in black colored balls. Tushar Ha had gone to the Colony Chowk with them. Police Commissioner Dr. K. Bolerer has been kidnapped. K. Yankantham got it. They ordered the arresters to arrest the abductors and arrest them. Subsequently, the Crime Branch chief (in charge) Somnath Waghchoure, senior police inspector of Dantoli police station, Seema Mehendale, inspector Dinesh Shende, and Aanchal Mudgal, along with a huge tremor, reached the Janata Chowk. In just five minutes, the traffic police blocked the black bolt in the Rahate Colony Chowk. After seeing the police, Tushar and Pahar activists left Badre to leave Badlore. Police admitted Badre to a private hospital nearby. Charlie Commander grabbed Tushar and handed him over to Dhantoli police. Police are searching for other activists of the Pahar.

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