Is Rahul even after Gujarat, is his political laboratory in Gujarat?

  • Is Rahul even after Gujarat, is his political laboratory in Gujarat?
    Is Rahul even after Gujarat, is his political laboratory in Gujarat?
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Gujarat has played an important role in the journey of Narendra Modi's CM till the country becomes a PM. In the political weight of Narendra Modi, the formula of Hindutva is considered to be the biggest reason, and in the state it was also called the successful use of BJP. In 2002, through the Hindutva card that Modi made his identity in Gujarat and came to power and took over power for more than a decade Moving forward in this experiment in 2014, Modi came to the national politics and then gave a historic win to the BJP. Now Rahul Gandhi is also trying to make his political identity from Gujarat.

The credit for this victory of Modi is given to Hindutva politics somewhere and Gujarat is seen as its laboratory. Today Gujarat is looking at a similar turn. Where are the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi Rahul is going to take over the Congress in the days to come and before the coronation, he has been working to make Gujarat his own political laboratory.

Rahul Gandhi seems to be continuously doing political work on the soil of Gujarat. Rahul is trying to cut the politics of Modi's Hindutva on one hand, while there is also a litmus test of political issues which lead to national politics.

From Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi is trying to answer the allegations made by the BJP against the 'anti-Hindu' and 'appeasement of minorities' on the Congress party. Actually, the Antony Committee considered the anti-Hindu image because of the Congress's defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul has done the exercise of breaking the anti-Hindu image of Congress through the visit of Gujarat. Looking at Rahul in Gujarat, it seems that he has met with excitement.

Congress rallies in Muslim-dominated areas appear on Rahul Mahant stage with Rahul. The way Rahul's convoy passes on the way to which a mosque falls in the way, they do not stop and do not bow down. Not only this, Rahul has shown himself to avoid speaking on the issue of Muslims during his four visits to Gujarat so far.

Twenty years ago, BJP had to cut power with the Congress through the Hindutva card. After this the Congress could not come back to power in Gujarat till today. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is in the interest of BJP's defeat of BJP's Hindutva politics. In Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi has adopted the path of soft Hindutva. Rahul started the Navsrijan Yatra with a puja in the Dwarkadhish temple of Saurashtra. Rahul sits in saffron gully and tilak is placed on his forehead.

Rahul went to all the major temples of Gujarat and presented him. The Goddess mother, located on Rahul hill, had climbed 1,000 steps in 15 minutes without waiting for Chamunda's views. Rahul's Twitter account is full of his photographs of philosophy in the temples. BJP is disturbed by the tremendous patriotism in the temples of Rahul and is questioning even after going to his temples. Rahul responds by saying that he is a devotee.

In Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi searched for the trump card of Modi who made the Congress more or less marginalized in the 2014 elections. I.e. answer to the Hindu card from the ethnic card Rahul Mandal has descended from Kandal. The most difficult thing for BJP is that caste politics does not suit her. This is an example of the assembly elections in Bihar. This is the reason Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi played ethnic card to win the political battle of Gujarat on the lines of Bihar.

In 1985, Madhavsinh Solanki created the equation of the caste through which the victory the Congress won was the biggest victory for any party in Gujarat till now. In order to snatch power from BJP in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi has introduced tools like Patidar, OBC, and Dalit and tribal votes in Gujarat. If you look at the views of these three societies, there is a stake above 70 percent.

Rahul has embraced Trinity, Junk, Jignesh and Hardik, who came out of the caste movement in Gujarat. The Congress's ethnic card has increased the restlessness of the BJP. Narendra Modi had to say in Gujarat that he did not come under the ruse of casteism, racial issues would obstruct the development of the country.

Rahul made his political laboratory to the political battleground of Gujarat assembly elections. In such a way, Rahul gains the Rule of Gujarat to its political formula, then with the same formula it will be able to fight the BJP all over the country.

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