In Rahul's Meghmaya Temple in Surat

  • In Rahul's Meghmaya Temple in Surat
    In Rahul's Meghmaya Temple in Surat
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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is campaigning for the Gujarat assembly elections, he is touring the tremor in the state. Rahul has reached Meghmaaya temple in Surat, where he has been in Matla. Actually, Rahul Gandhi, who is on a three-day tour, is constantly seeing temples. Earlier, he started this tour with famous Akshardham temple.

Akshardham Temple belongs to Swami Narayan Panth and has a lot of followers in the Patel community. Earlier, Rahul, on Sunday, targeted the Center and the state government saying that the most corrupt state in the country is Gujarat. According to Rahul, traders from Surat told them that the policemen come to him every two months and ask him for a bribe.

Rahul also targeted Jai Shah, son of BJP president Amit Shah. He said that Jai Shah's company has grown from 50 thousand to 80 crores, which clearly shows that the extent of corruption in Gujarat has already crossed. Rahul also raised the question about silence on PM Modi's case and how he tasted it on 'Do not eat them or will not eat'.

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