Fadnavis avoids to answer on school close issue

  • Fadnavis avoids to answer on school close issue
    Fadnavis avoids to answer on school close issue
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Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Monday said that he has only kept his silence on the controversial topic of smiling on the question of scholarship in the state. When Fadnavis, who was on a function in Pimpri Chinchwad area, asked the question about 'school closure', Fadnavis avoided commenting by adding his hand. Meanwhile, on the backdrop of the events in the state, a tight security arrangement was put in place during Fadnavis's visit.

Fadnavis will be present at the Symbiosis Skills and Open University in Kvalle on Wednesday and National Teachers Congress, organized by MIT World Peace University in Kothrud. Since both programs were organized by renowned educational institutions, there was a possibility that Fadnavis will be present. Accordingly, Fadnavis attended the program of SSU and also made informative speeches on the subject. After the program, Fadnavis requested the journalists to stop. So they stopped for a few moments. After that, the journalist started asking questions like 'Schools in the state are shutting down.' Fadnavis smiled and avoided saying anything politely. After this type of news, journalists also tried to reach them. However, Fadnavis preferred to stay in the train directly. Fadnavis came to Pune city for the first time after the Koregaon Bima incident. As well as the Guardian Minister Girish Bapat, he kept an uncertain statement from the government that former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan falsely criticized Fadnavis.

Hard security arrangements have been made for the security of the Fadnavis. However, in the last few days, there was a tight security in the backdrop of the events that happened yesterday. So there were various churches evacuation. The committee had announced that the Fadnavis Teachers' Congress chief would be present at the inauguration of Congress party's inauguration program. However, Fadnavis did not attend the inaugural program. Education Minister Vinod Tawde has also been relieved by the reactions to the inauguration of the Teachers' Congress.

Fadnavis announces the Chief Minister as the Chief Minister on the issues related to the various Ministers of the state and also supports the cooperative ministers. However, it is being questioned that he should have kept silence on issues related to Tawde's account.

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