Against the Shiv Sena Maratha Reservation

  • Against the Shiv Sena Maratha Reservation
    Against the Shiv Sena Maratha Reservation
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I was president of the government appointed committee to give reservation to Maratha community. Survey conducted 17 lakh families in the state. On the occasion, I met representatives of many organizations, organizations, castes and religions, and gave a presentation about Maratha reservation. None of Shivsena's delegations met me. Shivsena did not play the role of reservation. After seeing the magnificence of the Maratha Revolution march, the former Chief Minister, Narayan Rane, founder of Maharashtra Swabhimaan Party, said that Uddhav Thakre announced that he is in favor of the reservation.

Rane had a meeting on Sunday night at Ramlila Maidan in Cidco N - Seven. This was the first meeting of the party since partition. Former Mayor Sudam Sonawane, Jagdish Babar, Nilesh Bhosale, Manoj Kadam, Samrat Mahadik, Sanjay Patil, Sandeep Kirtadkar, Santosh Patil, Rajesh Athale and Siddharth Wankhede were the main attendees.

Rane attacked Rena with Congress, NCP and Congress. He expressed dissatisfaction over the BJP's methodology. Rane said, "The then chief minister Prithviraj Chavan appointed a committee to give reservation to the Marathas. I was his president. Meet the experts all over the country to get the reservation done and how to make reservation. None of Shivsena's delegations have met. Shivsena hated the Maratha community. He got Maratha candidate in many elections. '

You're 34 percent. Advise the community to get justice and get reservation. Rane said, 'Uddhav Thackeray does not understand anything in the field. Only emotional politics has been done. What did Shivsena give to the youth of Marathwada? It is a surprise to see how your MP gets elected through four terms. It does not match equations like practice and well. He was never an academic statement when he was a minister, minister. What is the condition of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation? Electricity bill of 12 crores is tired. There is no water in the city, roads are bad, Shiv Sena has been in power since 25 years. Khair raising the foundation of Thackeray family falls. That's why they are promoted as their leader. '

Rane said that he has not done anything for 15 years and now he is taking an alliance. Ajit Pawar raised the height of dams in western Maharashtra, but nothing has been done to get water in Marathwada. Marathwada did not remember when he was in office? Congress leader Ashok Chavan has nothing to do with Marathwada. 13 years the Chief Minister was in Marathwada, what did they do? The BJP government should remember the promises made before coming to power. Where are the jobs, where are the employees? Debt relief people are angry. The most recent debt relief should be given. BJP should take these things into account. I supported NDA, but he is not bound. '

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