Yavatmal's first gay marriage

  • Yavatmal's first gay marriage
    Yavatmal's first gay marriage
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A young man from Yavatmal, living in 'Love in Relationship', married his friend in Indonesia. This was the first gay marriage ceremony in Yavatmal in a posh hotel. This marriage was maintained in secret, but the wedding has become a cause for discussion in Yavatmal due to the marriage of the marriage due to viral sexual intercourse on social media.

On December 30, a wedding ceremony was held at Yavatmal's State Bank Chowk. Specially, only 70-80 Varakhs were present in the country and abroad. Here is a famous bookmaker's son in America. Despite having a lot of salary, the boy was not ready to get married. She had told the family that she would marry a gay. He had told his family that his love for his colleague in Indonesia's office was very much attached to him. So his parents were shocked. Many people tried to convince him that society would be irate and tell that it would be annoying after marriage. But he had no effect on him. He did not even go to his house even though he wished to get married.

His family married him at a posh hotel in Nilajastov. Before marriage, turmeric was introduced to both the people. Wedding clothes, Wedding rings, necklaces were introduced and they were given wedding ceremonies in Vedic chants. It was 50-60 friends from America, Chin, from this wedding ceremony. It included 10 gay couples. This newly married couple has left for Madhichandra after marriage. However, on the next day, when the talk of gay marriage started, the general Yavatalkar did the talking in the mouth.

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