Workouts Gym - A chain of health clubs in Mumbai and Nagpur

  • Workouts Gym - A chain of health clubs in Mumbai and Nagpur
    Workouts Gym - A chain of health clubs in Mumbai and Nagpur
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Recently keeping the growing demands of the fitness industry the management has upgraded the entire club with advance star track and power max fitness equipment.The entire look and feel of the health club is redesign as per the changing fitness needs of the people.

The launch was held on 3rd Jan 2018 at 11am in presence of Bollywood Actor Abhishek Verma Fame to ( YEH HAI MOHOBATEIN ) ABHISHEK VERMA will be discussing how fitness plays an important role in the journey to fame, honorable dignitaries like Mr. Sandeep Joshi,Dr Sadashiv Bhole, Deepak Arora & other Renowned people of the city from fitness & medical field were present at the event.  

Accordingly to what Abhishek Verma has to say (“ I have been under training guidance of Mr BAKUL Rajput who has played an important role in my fitness journey and is a source of great inspiration. His intention for you to have a fitter Life is so visible in every word he speaks & I think his way of making his Gyms which is very visible in Nagpur as well , lot of positivity in the people, staff are cooperative, cleanliness of the place, advanced equipments, it just makes the place so overwhelming that the moment you enter you want to start your workouts. I have been training at Workouts Gym Mumbai branch and will continue to do so.”). There have been other Bollywood celebrities who have trained at Workouts like Huma Quereshi, Aneez Bazmi, Sunil Pal, Rumy Jafri & countless TV celebs.

Dr Sadashiv Bhole advices the people at large “ It’s very important for every individual to understand their own body before starting a diet or an exercise schedule therefor the role of an expert to understand your body’s needs about supplements for a better health & right guidance becomes extremely important.

On discussing with Mr Rajput about a Bollywood needs towards fitness he says “ when we are approached by any artist it’s very important to understand how he will look on the screen after he gets his results so for bollywood actors in thier fitness planning it’s always a reverse planning as each one of them come with a time limit and we have people who come for specific roles , for specific needs and at times with pictures to have a body like a Hollywood Actor in a specific time so we have to take complete charge with his food habits , sleep patterns, except Ide schedules, shoot timings so as to design a package to get the best result in the shortest span of time, but for me the best approach is to make fitness a lifestyle. It should be a part of your life just like brushing your teeth, because a fitter body has better mental & emotional well being too. 

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