Two died due to cold wave in Nagpur

  • Two died due to cold wave in Nagpur
    Two died due to cold wave in Nagpur
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Over  last eight days, the cold wave has increased and two people have died due to cold in the last 24 hours. One of them died in the train, while another one died in the Sakdaradara area.

Since the city has been consistently falling for some time since last few days, there has been a cold start in the city. Civic residents get experience in the warmth of the day and the cold winter day. The fact that coconut oil is frozen is the real cold growth. Nagpur experienced such an experience on Monday. The coconut oil bottles were kept in the sun on Monday morning due to cold winter night.

This year there was no cold winter in the city of Diwali. Cold on the last week of November, Now the cold weather has increased. Due to temperature changes, the citizens are forced out of the house by wearing warm clothes in the night and early in the morning. There is also a sight of fires on the street at night. At night, even the night watchmen are keeping a watch on fire.

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