Somani Speech & Hearing Center providing Speech & Hearing related services in the vidharbha region

  • Somani Speech & Hearing Center providing Speech & Hearing related services in the vidharbha region
    Somani Speech & Hearing Center providing Speech & Hearing related services in the vidharbha region
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Nagpur : It may seem hard to believe, but in the world today hearing loss is the forth leading cause of years lived with disability. Because people are living longer, adults over the age of 65 years arc growing in population and with potential hearing loss, in the near future. As per the census 2017 & WHO 10% of world population are in the mild-profound category of hearing loss and 4% in the Moderate to severe category of hearing loss. 4 to 5 in 1000 live births, children are born with hearing loss. Apart from age related hearing loss, in young adults, it may result from exposure to constant loud noise, radiation, oto-toxic drugs and professional hazard. 

The consequences of untreated hearing loss in adults are direct impact on speech understanding communication, enjoyment of music, social isolation, emotional & mental disfuntion, less job opportunities, to mention a few. The consequence of being born with a permanent hearing loss has long lasting developmental and educational problems. The brain is primed to learn language only between 2 - 3 years of age. In infants hearing can be screened with in a few hours of birth. Hence prevention and treatment of hearing loss should he a health care priority viewed through a public health lens. 

Although intervention for hearing loss are effective, the uptake of the technology be it hearing aids or cochlear implants even in developed countries is low!! 

Additionally there is a lack ofawareness ofrehabilitation of hearing loss in children and adults. Now hearing loss doesn't have to affect your lifestyle. Modern technology offers a wide range of options for hearing loss, like hearing aids that allow you to live life to the fullest without boundaries. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Whcn your brain is deprived of sound stimulation, it looses the ability to process sound. A hearing test can tell you if you have a hearing loss and a hearing care professional can advise you on what you can do about it. AVT and speech therapy for babies and children after hearing aid fitting is available. 

Somani Speech and Hearing Center has Organized a free Hearing Loss Management Camp from 5th to 11th February 2018, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm at 4th Floor, Shreewardhan Complex, Beside Big Bazar, Wardha Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur and at Prestige Hospital, opposite Police Station, Raj Nagar, Chindwara Raod, Chhaoni Timing : 9 am to 12 pm and also at Somani Clinic, Rajashri Palace, Opp. Faizal Car Decor, Telephone Exchange Square, Timing : 4 pm to 7 pm. In the camp registered patients will be tested for hearing loss, according to which guidance about management will be given. Patients requiring hearing aid will be given suitable trials with BTE / RIE / CIC. Demonstration of Bluetooth, TV and mobile connectivity will also be given. During the camp Center will be offering attractive discount

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