Prepare The Machinery For The Metro Regions

  • Prepare The Machinery For The Metro Regions
    Prepare The Machinery For The Metro Regions
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The development plan, which includes one more scheme like housing, construction of roads, road network, MRTS and logistics hubs on the lines of BRTS, is currently on the way to publicity. According to the draft, the mechanism for the development of the metro area is activated and the NMRDA Commissioner Dr. An important meeting is going on in the presence of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on November 6 to hand over the rights to Deepak Mhasekar.

After the establishment of the Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority, its first meeting will be held on November 6 by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Representatives will also be present in this meeting with senior administrative officials. According to reliable sources, the budget will be discussed on the budget of the Metro Region as well as giving authority to the development workers.

Through the Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority, the development of the metropolitan area comprising 719 villages will be shaped. One such plan has been included in the development plan like housing construction project, street network, logistic hub. Railway logistics hub will be prepared on 140 hectare. Projects like primary schools, secondary schools, tribal schools, playgrounds, sports complexes, parks, rural hospitals, vegetable markets, libraries, auditoriums, commercial centers, graveyards, electric substations, sewerage projects etc. will be set up. Considering the needs of the Nagpur metropolitan area population and the need for increasing vehicles, new roads of 865 kms have been planned.

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The final churn was held on 27th October in Mumbai on this plot. The committee appointed by the committee handed over the objection to the Nagpur Metropolitan Development Plan and handed it over to the state government. The draft sent to the state government along with thousands of objections was discussed at a senior level. On October 27, a meeting was held in Mumbai under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary Nitin Karir. Now everyone is waiting for the plan to be published.

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