Participation Of Nagpur Improvement Trust In Nagpur

  • Participation Of Nagpur Improvement Trust In Nagpur
    Participation Of Nagpur Improvement Trust In Nagpur
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The last phase of Nagpur Improvement Trust, established 80 years ago, has been started with the development of Nagpur city. Nowadays, the landlord has been preparing for the Navratilization, Demand, who is stuck in the demand. Preparations for allotment are started everywhere. An important meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 8.

NIT was established in 1937 by keeping the development of the city in sight. The state cabinet decided to abolish the Nasupa by not allowing two development organizations in the city. Demand for long time elected people is finally fulfilled. The state government had constituted a three-member committee to transfer all the property projects, staff and other works in Naspran. The committee was given the deadline of December 31, 2017 to complete the transfer process. Since this period is now over, the committee decided to divide the meeting on November 8 in the Mantralaya. Urban Development Department (No. 2) Principal Secretary Dr. In the committee set up under the chairmanship of Manisha Mhaiskar, Dr. N.P. Deepak Mhasekar, Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal has been included.

Will it come to mind?
After considering the income of the Nagpur Improvement Trust, Rs. 50 to 60 crores of rupees are deposited in the form of deposits. 15 to 20 crores in lieu of lease rent. The plot also gets the money from the plot auction. The state government has spent 30 percent of the Rs 170 crore given to Naspura. By handing over the rest of the money to the municipal corporation, the responsibility of development works can go to the Municipal Corporation. A total of 140 crore rupees per STP can be received by the Municipal Corporation. Many places in Nasuparna have not been auctioned and this place will be transferred to the Municipal Corporation. After the transfer of seven schemes of Naspur to the municipality and after getting the area of ​​Municipal area, the development fee will be received by the Municipal Corporation.

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