Nagpur over 40 thousand farmers to be disqualified from loan waiver

  • Nagpur over 40 thousand farmers to be disqualified from loan waiver
    Nagpur over 40 thousand farmers to be disqualified from loan waiver
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Nagpur: Taxpayers have also received large number of applications for the farmers to stop suicides, and to avail the loan waiver offered by the state government to free the farmers from their debts. According to reliable sources, more than 40,000 farmers' application will be withdrawn from the debt waiver scheme, due to the payment of those who have taken the farming as an investment.

The state government has implemented a debt waiver plan to get the benefit of debt relief to the needy farmers whose livelihood is run only on agriculture. 1 lakh 11 thousand farmers from Nagpur district submitted online application for loan waiver. Since the Aadhaar card is included with the application ID, the true beneficiary of this is discovering the list of true beneficiaries and the green list is being published by the government. The applicants will be excluded from their names due to the payment of income tax payers. The state government has released green list of 12 lakh eligible farmers in the state on 24th November. In the first phase, Rs 16.64 crore has been diverted to the farmers' debt account of Rs 99.55 crore for 13,891 farmers in Nagpur district. District administration has informed that 13 thousand 575 farmers have benefitted from this. In the first phase 316 farmers have found errors in the application. 210 names of farmers were found to be twice.

The second phase on Monday
On November 24, all the banks received a green list of eligible borrowers. These lists were sent to 31 national banks and 34 district central banks. The amount of about Rs 10 thousand crore was sent to the banks for 12 lakh farmers in the state. District administration sources said the second phase of the loan waiver will be available on Monday or Tuesday. A farmer paying regular loan is encouraged up to 25 percent loan or 25 thousand rupees. The amount of incentive will be credited to the farmers' savings account .

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