Nagpur No Loadshedding In Diwali

  • Nagpur No Loadshedding In Diwali
    Nagpur No Loadshedding In Diwali
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Reloaded load-shedding in the state was temporarily, due to sudden crises, natural calamities created coal shortage. Due to the impact of this on electricity, it has to be load-shedding. However, the state's energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawknak on Friday said that the situation is under control and there will be no loadshading in Diwali.

There was a shortage of coal due to heavy rains in the coal mines surrounding the MCL and SECL Company. The requirement of 28 rakes of coal for Mahatrajyadi was only 14 to 15 rakses per day due to the scarcity of coal. After taking the initiative with the Chief Minister, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, after meeting with Coal India officials, the supply of coal has been increasing. Therefore, on 29 Rack on Thursday, 27 rakes have been received before that, the situation is under control, and the focus is on the 21-day coal reserves required for power stations. So, there will be no loadshading in Diwali next Diwali, "he said.

In the last three years, load shedding in the state is closed and will continue to be closed. The farmers are provided 8 hours daily and 24 hours electricity is provided to the farmers. Though there is a technical failure due to the disruption of local electricity supply, it is understood that load shedding has started. It is necessary to understand that darkness is not load-shedding, for this, it has been appealed to the local engineers of MSEDCL to complain about the supply of electricity before it was stopped.

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