Nagpur Hawala case API Sonawane Suspended

  • Nagpur Hawala case API Sonawane Suspended
    Nagpur Hawala case API Sonawane Suspended
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Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Narayan Sonawane, who leaked a cash of Rs 2.5 crore, was suspended by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nilesh Bharne on Saturday.

Last Sunday, on 29th April, the hawala businessmen had a lot of excitement due to the crime that took place on Sunday. The State Police Force was also severely hit by the इंसिडेन्ट. Nandvanwan police stopped the Duster car Prajapati Chowk, MH 31 / FA 4611, which was carrying cash worth Rs. 46 lakh from Chhattisgarh, Raipur. 5 crore in the car, 2 crore from 73 lakh, and four criminals who became the partner of the cash company of 55 lakhs. Police then told that the car was seized from Nandanvan Thane and recovered cash worth Rs 3.86 crore from the car.

The driver of Rajesh Vamanrao Mendhe (age 40, resident of Minimatanagar, Kalamna) and Navneet Gulabchand Jain (29nd Shantinagar) said that the cash was sent by the Director of Maple Jewelers in Raipur (Chhattisgarh), to send the hawala businessman Prashant Keshan to Nagpur. Both of them had given near Tulsinagar Jain temple). Meanwhile, Manish Khandelwala, who was accused in the car, had Rs 5.57 crore and the amount of cash worth Rs 2.55 crore was registered. So, there was a turning point in this case. When Deputy Commissioner Nilesh Bharne thoroughly inquired about the developments from the beginning of this case, Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Sonawane of Nadanvan Thane, in collaboration with the infamous criminals Sachin Narayana Padgilwar, Ravi Ramesh Machevar, and Gajanan Bholenath, 54 million, 92 thousand 800 rupees lull It's clear. Following this, a case has been registered in Sadanandan Thane and the arrestees including Assistant Police Inspector Sunil Sonawane, Police Officer Vilas Baurao Wadekar and Sachin Shivkaran Bhajbuje, along with the accused, Fallgilwar, Machhewar, Mulang and Vasnik were arrested. Wadekar and Bhajbuje were suspended on Friday, Sonawane was suspended today.

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