Marathi Language Compulsory In Central Government Office

  • Marathi Language Compulsory In Central Government Office
    Marathi Language Compulsory In Central Government Office
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The state government's Marathi language department has decided to mandate the use of Marathi language and Devanagari script for government work and other information in all the Central Government Offices. A clear circular issued by this department issued on Wednesday. Marathi language has been made compulsory for railway, nationalized banks, postal services, insurance companies, Bharat Sanchar Nigam, and other telephone services companies, airlines, gas and petroleum companies, income tax departments, metro and mono rail.

According to the amended law of Maharashtra State Language Act 1964 and 2015, Marathi is the official language of the state and its jurisdiction is an entire state. Therefore, it is mandatory to use English, Hindi and regional languages ​​as well as Marathi as per the central language of the Central Government offices, central government, semi government programs, corporations and companies in the state. Resolutions have been passed on the use of the three-word formula in the two-chamber parliament of the Parliament. Therefore, the Government has taken the role of office-bearers, corporations and companies to use Marathi language.

According to the central government's three-word formula, the state government has decided to use Marathi as well as Hindi as per the Hindi language formula. All correspondence with the people, all the examinations related to the offices, circulars, notices have been mandatory in Marathi. It is noticed that central offices are being blocked in most places. Therefore, the government has issued an updated government circular.

All correspondence with the people of Maharashtra should be used in Marathi and written communication and communication between Marathi and Devanagari script. Various forms, samples, applications, reservation samples, travel tickets, all banks and postal receipts and public related information provided by various central offices. Use Marathi language and Devanagari script in all documents According to the circular, the use of Marathi in the boards, schedules and other information in the area, railway, metro, mono rail, airline, parking, ports and other information boards and public address system should be used.

Marathi language department has appealed to the respective department head, office-bearers and in-charge in-charge to take care of the use of Marathi in all the central government installations and the activities of the corporation, according to the central language formula.

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