Independent Department of 'Metabolic Syndrome' in Nagpur

  • Independent Department of 'Metabolic Syndrome' in Nagpur
    Independent Department of 'Metabolic Syndrome' in Nagpur
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Nearly 25 percent of the world's population is suffering from metabolic syndrome. 'Metabolic syndrome' is increasing due to obesity and sluggish lifestyle. This is a risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular-related illness before time. The ratio of India is increasing rapidly. In view of this, the initiative of medical administration has begun to set up an independent department in the hospital, and has recently demonstrated this positiveness by visiting the doctor's team in Sweden.

The risk of metabolic syndrome is increasing at the earliest. Too much fat around the shoulder increases the suspicion of metabolic syndrome. Moreover, those who have 'triglycerides' and 40 mg of 'serum HDL' Less than and 50 mg in women If the blood pressure is more than 130/85 mm or medicines are started on blood pressure, then plasma glucose ratio of 100 mg while there is empty stomach. These symptoms also cause metabolic syndrome if the pain is high or 'elevated blood glucose' is being treated. 

As a result, the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease related illness increases. Along with this, there are adverse effects such as 'fatty liver', 'fibrosis' and 'cirrhosis', 'hepatocellular carcinoma', severe kidney disease, 'pistoric ovarian syndrome', sleep-related problems related to respiratory problems. It is a medical effort to start such an independent department of 'Metabolic Syndrome' for diagnosing and treating such patients at the same time. For this, doctors from Sweden have helped their hands. On Saturday 5th May, four doctors from Sweden examined the out-patient department of the medical and intermediate departments and discussed with some doctors. There is a possibility of a final decision on this shortly.

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