If you eat meat, you can go to destruction

  • If you eat meat, you can go to destruction
    If you eat meat, you can go to destruction
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Thakur Village Colony of Kandivali in Mumbai and hundreds of people in the area protested against meat taking a rally yesterday. The sloganeering rally was said to be 'Be a cheerleader, be ashamed'. Earlier, many people participated in the rally claiming that a rally was being organized for propagation of vegetarianism.

The people of the rally told the rally that Baba is a follower of Jai Gurudev Maharaj. He said, 'It is a sin to eat meat, because of the sound of the sound; therefore, humanity is going to collapse and destroy it.' Our organization has more than 10,000 people in Maharashtra. Sushil Singh said to the that people should stop eating meat and drink. 'If someone hurt another, then destruction is inescapable and this is the truth. Western men are liking vegetarianism, "he said. He said that we do not do the killing of animals by peaceful means, nor do they harass them.

It is said that permission was given for the rally. After the rally, these people got off the road. Many shopkeepers hide the egg crate from their fears. A woman who sells fish at the side of the road went away.

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