'Farmers will be able to recover from debt waiver'

  • 'Farmers will be able to recover from debt waiver'
    'Farmers will be able to recover from debt waiver'
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There is a series of calamities against farmers due to climate change. Under such circumstances, the government is firmly behind the farmers. It will be due to debt waiver to restore the situation of farmers who have been deprived of financial capacity. Agriculture Minister Pandurang Phundkar expressed the hope that the farmers will be able to move forward.

Under the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmers' Samman Yojana 2017, farmers were given a loan certificate, sari-choli, kurta and 21 farmer's honors to the farmers in the planning committee's hall of District Collectorate. This time they were talking. MP Prataprao Jadhav, MLA Chansukh Sancheti, Dr. Shashikant Khedekar and others were present. Fundkar said that farmers have been given the amount only in three and a half months after the announcement of debt waiver. It took nine months to get the previous loan waiver. The government has kept the word given to farmers. After filing a loan application, farmers' lists were audited. His stanza reading is complete. After that, the list of farmers' list with audit was submitted to the government. In this, Buldhana is the best in the district.

Congress boycott of MLAs

The Chief Minister has announced that he has given loan waiver of 1.5 million crores of rupees to 2 lakh 49 thousand 818 farmers in Buldhana district. According to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmers Honor scheme, the debt waiver of 40 lakh rupees to 101 farmers who applied online for loan waiver only on the eve of Diwali is that it is the type of postponement of farmers in the darkness of the district. District Congress Committee president Rahul Bondre and the secretary of the Congress party committee of Harshavardhana Takkar said. Besides, the boycott of the loan forgiveness certificate distribution program.

118 crore loan waiver in Bhandara district

Bhandara: Under the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmer's Honor scheme, the debt relief has been waived of 118 crores to 86,626 farmers of the district. On Wednesday, the debt relief exemption program was distributed to the 32 farmer families in the Collectorate office on Wednesday, in a representative form. On Diwali, the government has kept the promise of debt relief and has done the work of bringing new happiness to the lives of the farmers. Responding to the joy of Diwali, farmers expressed their happiness at the celebration of the District Collector's office. MLA Phag Waghmare, Adv. Ramchandra Avasare, Bala Kashivar, District Collector Suhas Dawes, resident Deputy District Collector Shailendra Meshram and beneficiary farmers family were present.

31 'Honors' of Farmers

Chandrapur: At the hands of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farmers Samman Yojana, Savarkar Sullivan Bhawan Auditorium of the Collector Office, here, was honored by the Honorable Minister of State for Home Affairs, Hansraj Ahir at the hands of the 31 Farmers' Contributions in the District and giving gifts to Diwali.

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