Call if Traffic police asked for money : DCP Traffic police

  • Call if Traffic police asked for money : DCP Traffic police
    Call if Traffic police asked for money : DCP Traffic police
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If you want to make this city smart, it is necessary to pre-empt the curfew in the police department with the traffic system. The traffic department is working in that direction. Soon, the traffic department will be taking paperless and cashless. So call me directly if someone asks for money on the road by showing me the threat of action. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic Police, Mr. Shah, said that the complainant will take serious action against the traffic police. Chaitanya gave it.

Police Commissioner Dr. K. Under the guidance of Venkatesham, the traffic department has become more popular among the people. Except for one incident, the safety of citizens is followed by traffic safety regulations. Today, CCTV cameras have started in Chaukhao. In order to facilitate the convenience of citizens, the facility of payment of challan payment in the post with e-challan is effective. The citizens have started to helmets themselves, consciously. So, the number of accidents has dropped by 25 percent. In this, the then Transport Police Deputy Commissioner Ravindra Pardeshi tried to digitize each traffic staff police.

Chaitanya further said that an accident-free city campaign will be implemented successfully. Traffic police will be kept ready as a responsible employee with education-training. Decision will be taken by the meeting of the school directors, drivers and owners to curb the school buses with out-of-turn and dangerous over-load vehicles. It is mandatory for auto drivers to be transported to the meter by watching the plunder of the citizens. What kind of 'comrums' will not be done in this? For the infantry, we will open the sidewalk, block roads, footpath hotels, and other temporary shops, including Pravaji, will be hit in an illegal parking place. He appealed to citizens to call on my 9 6181 9 363 mobile number and make a complaint if any money is demanded.

'Spot Invoicing-Payment Machine' soon!

In the city traffic department, a payment machine has been floated on a new experimental basis with a spot invoice. This machine will now allow the drivers to invoice on the spot, and they will be able to fill the 'On the Spot' fine. After the ATM card swipe, the fine printed receipt of the payment will be received only at their hands.

The Transport Department's image should not be corrupted, changes in the workplace have been adopted in the paperless, cashless method and emphasis on transparency. The option to fill the challan in the challan for the drivers who have no ATM card or online payment facility will be maintained during the operation.

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