90 % of the land available in the Nagpur district for the Samrudhi highway

  • 90 % of the land available in the Nagpur district for the Samrudhi highway
    90 % of the land available in the Nagpur district for the Samrudhi highway
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9 0.15 percent of the land has been made available for the prosperity of the State Government's Nagpur-Mumbai State Highway Project, and the spontaneous response given by farmers of Nagpur and Wardha districts. 9 5.23 percent in Nagpur and 87.94 percent of land in Wardha district has been made available.

A total of 1,443 hectares of land is needed for Nagpur and Wardha districts for the Samrudhiyya Highway, in which private negotiations have to be purchased for 802.85 hectares. So 187.67 hectare government land has been set up for this project. Out of the 1,160 batch of farmers, the land is to be purchased from the farmers, out of which 1,06,006 farmers have purchased 700.28 hectare of land.

Farmers have been paid 614 crores 30 lakh 33 thousand 831 for purchase of land. The purchase of 28.42 km of land in 21 villages of Nagpur district started. In this, the process of purchase of 202.19 hectares of land in 279 Group Area started. Of these, 249 groups have been made available to farmers in 187.15 hectare. For this, the farmers have been paid Rs 245 crores 92 lacs. On average, 9 5.23 percent of the farmers in the district have provided land to the project. Similarly, 9 7.52 hectare is government land and 15.83 hectare is a forest land. Therefore, the total 284.67 hectares of land in the district have been available for this project. Procurement of land acquisition for 60.73 km length of 34 villages in Selu, Wardha and Arvi talukas of Wardha district is under process, of which 9 0.15 hectares of land is government and 34.77 hectare is reserved for land. Also, 600.66 hectares of land are being purchased. Procurement of 881 group-wise farmers has been processed out of which 513.13 hectare land is available. 368 crore 37 lakhs 46 thousand 898 farmers have been given as compensation for this land. The acquisition process of 87.93% land in the district has been completed.

Land is being purchased for 25.16 km of 16 villages in the Selu taluka of Nagpur-Mumbai, 23.09 km from 10 villages in Wardha taluka and 11.67 kilometers of highway in 8 villages in Arvi taluka. Of them, 9.84 percent in Arvi taluka and 9.94 percent in Wardha taluka and 83.98 percent in Selu taluka.

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