These 5 Mistakes of Kapil Sharma's 'Firangi' take place, Baba ji's thullu

  • These 5 Mistakes of Kapil Sharma's 'Firangi' take place, Baba ji's thullu
    These 5 Mistakes of Kapil Sharma's 'Firangi' take place, Baba ji's thullu
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Kapil Sharma is a big face of television, but his magic can not run on the silver screen. He stepped into Bollywood with the film 'Kiss Kiss Ki Pyar Karoon' and achieved success with this comedy film. But on changing times, Kapil Sharma was less than his work and kept in the headlines more than his disputes. Along with 'Firangi', he became a producer too. But in the box office, the frenzy he put in his fans can be put in the box. Let's know they have five reasons why 'firangi' became disaster:

Can be a comedian lead actor, and a comedian artist. But first he has to install himself as an actor. But Kapil was able to establish himself as a comedian only, he hurriedly tried to create an image as a serious actor and it turned vomit.

Kapil is a producer with 'Firangi'. Many times, becoming an actor producer is very dangerous. That happened, Kapil took the story away in the wake of the show. It is not easy to catch a film about two hours and forty minutes, even when the story is stale. Starcast is of new and average variety. The film's hero is trying to be seriously Sirius.

'Firangi' is the same as 'Lagan' in many ways. Both have a village. His residences are there. Then there is a fear of taana in front of each other, then in front of the other lagaan. In a village, Bhuvan is in the second place. That is, Kapil was in the fight against Aamir in his second film. Then, in the life of Bhuvan, English comes in the mango, even in manga's life. Now, whose fault it will call.

Kapil always talked about the common man and kept him in the center of his comedy. But for the past few years, his dispute was coming up and whenever it comes to bad health, he sometimes beat up his co-actors. Not only that, he made excuses and returned many stars to his comedy show. It is also shadowed in Attitude media. Its compact was abnormal.

Making an hour laugh and connecting with people is not easy, but Kapil has done it. They became the superstar of the TV. But on the silver screen the viewer's demand is to see a mindful thing as he is spending money. He will not waste money in looking at something which is of old type. The first thing to be seen and the biggest thing is not to do the diamond as expected from the audience. Kapil did all this.

We can just say that to Kapil, recognize his USP because the viewer is a fan of the person and the beloved. Which are convincing their success. In such a situation, they should focus on the same work in which they are masters. .

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