Three murders in twenty-four hours in Nagpur

  • Three murders in twenty-four hours in Nagpur
    Three murders in twenty-four hours in Nagpur
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In the last twenty-four hours, three were killed in three separate incidents. In the first incident, a violent mob kidnapped a young man in the border of Tehsil Police Station. In the second incident, a ganja smuggler was killed in the border of Yashodharnagar police station. In the third incident, a woman was murdered at the railway station.

Sheru Ali Mohammad Ali was murdered. Golu alias Kunal Kamble and his two other associates have been charged with murder. There are 17 cases filed against him. Most of these crimes were filed for drug trafficking, it was special. Six months ago, Shru was out of the jail. As soon as he came out of the prison, he had started his business of selling and selling genetics and merchandise. Answer: Sheru was one of the biggest ganja smugglers in north of Nagpur. Andhra Pradesh and other states also had net network. Golovar has also been booked in some cases. Although both were in jail, Golu was also told that he was also attacked in jail.

The incident took place near Gaosia mosque in Ekta Colony area around midnight on the outskirts of Yashodharnagar police station. After the Holi, the issue between Sheru and Golu was overheated. Golu had gone to Sheru's house with the intention of celebrating dust. At this time Rajlakshmi was a woman named Shera. She had brought seven kgs of Hemp from Andhra Pradesh. This Ganja and some of his ornaments were in a bag. Sheru suspected that this bag was stolen from Golu. To return this bag, Golu has been asked to give Rs 20 thousand to Sheru. After the dispute, Golu entered the house of Sheru and attacked him along with his two other friends Kunal Waghmare and Rahul Ingale. Sheru died in this. In this connection, the police has registered the crime and arrested three accused.


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