The murder of the school girl

  • The murder of the school girl
    The murder of the school girl
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A murder case has been registered in the murder of a १७ year old daughter of Dhamane in Khed taluka. Police have expressed suspicion that the body of the girl who has been missing since last three days has been found and she should have been sexually abused.

This girl was missing since noon on Friday. Her body was found in the field in Dhamane field on Monday. This shocking incident has created an uproar in the area. According to information received from the police, a related daughter had gone to work in the field with her mother on Friday afternoon. He went home from the field at around 3:30 in the afternoon saying that drinking water for drinking and giving a mobile number to the girl in the classroom. At around 12:30 in the evening, her mother came home after completing her work in the field. However, the girl was not at home.

In this regard, Mother asked the women living near her house. Someone said that this girl was seen in the premises of Kalubai temple while going to the field again in the evening. Mother and brother searched her everywhere; But she was not found anywhere. Thereafter a complaint was made about Chakan police.

The body of the girl was found near the field on Monday morning. The police team under the guidance of Chakan Police Station's Inspector Manojkumar Yadav examined the entire area. At this time, a huge stone was found from the dead body of 100 to 150 feet

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