The attempt of murder by kidnapping the bar owner

  • The attempt of murder by kidnapping the bar owner
    The attempt of murder by kidnapping the bar owner
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Bar owner Parmanand Talreja was abducted and seriously injured by the sword and was seriously injured. Talereja of the unconscious was killed as the accused thrown in the ground and fled When the complaint was received, the police searched for Talreja overnight and took him into serious condition. Earlier, four accused were arrested. Some accused are absconding Police say the kidnapping and murder have taken place to recover the ransom and to make panic. Akash Chinchkhede, Monu Samudre, Saurabh Tayawade and Akash Nagalkar are the names of the accused arrested in this crime.

Vaishalinagar resident Talreja has a beer bar near the Pachpawli Kamal Chowk in the fifth phase. On Sunday night, around 11.45, while the accused were sitting in front of their bar, the accused were there. He argued with Talreja over liquor money After this they demanded the ransom When they refused, the accused took over Darreja and beat them. Talereja was taken to the infamous Akash Chinchkhede house at some distance and was taken to the accused. They fell unconscious The accused took them to the ground floor of Balbhau Peth and threw them to the grounds.

In the meantime, the accused informed Paramanand Talreja, who was abducted by the weapon, by phone in the Control Room, one of the information bars. After that, the Fifty Police reached the Tara Bar After getting information from them, the police started investigating Talreja and the accused. The information about the kidnapping of the police station So the police arrested the accused at around three to four in the morning in Nandanvan After taking possession, they were asked about the Talreja The accused said that they were thrown to the ground in Balbhau Peth on the ground floor. So the police threw tremors The accused Talreja was lying in the throats of blood As soon as they realized they were alive, they were immediately taken to a private hospital. There he is being treated in the ICU section.
The one who hurried to death

All the accused are arrested by criminals There are many serious offenses against them, and the police have taken action against the MPDA. The accused Ajay Chinchkhed, absconding in the crime, came out of the prison on March 1, special!

When he beat Parmanand and abducted him in front of him, he ran towards the help of Talreja, who ran the house. On seeing this, the accused also beat that leaflet. Meanwhile, Assistant Police Inspector S. S. Kedare lodged a complaint against the accused under the attempt of the kidnapping and murder of the accused by the name of Parmanand Talreja. The accused is being searched for

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