Rs 10 lakh robbed in Nagpur

  • Rs 10 lakh robbed in Nagpur
    Rs 10 lakh robbed in Nagpur
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Tajshree Honda employee was attacked and robbed 10 lakhs. This incident took place in Devnagar on Wednesday night. The attacker is the former employee of Tajhri Honda. He did this with the help of his partner. Police also became alarmed because the accused is an ex-employee.

There is a showroom of Tajhri Honda in Devnagar. Employees should take the day's sales amount and leave it at the owner's house. Tajshree's owner Avinash Bhute lives in Samarth nagar. Cashier takes money with other employees between 8 am and 9 pm each night.

On Wednesday night at 8.30 pm, 32-year-old Umesh Pardhi, the employee of Tajshree Honda, went to the owner's door to go to the owner's house. 10 lakh rupees in two-wheeler  was kept. Umesh was running a two-wheeler and the cashier was sitting behind. The former employee of the showroom, Rahul Kalamkar, stopped them from the showroom. Since Rahul was an earlier employee, Umesh did not take him seriously. Umesh tried to remove him saying he was 'slow down late'.

At the same time, Rahul and his three associates attacked him. Umesh and Cashier were beaten with a knife and beat them and snatched a two-wheeler and fled. Umesh immediately informed his superiors. He informed the police about the incident. The accused was searching till late in the night. Rahul is a criminal person. There are several cases against him. He had left the work in Tajshree.

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