Petrol pump chowkidar murdered and 13 lakh looted in Nagpur

  • Petrol pump chowkidar murdered and 13 lakh looted in Nagpur
    Petrol pump chowkidar murdered and 13 lakh looted in Nagpur
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A tragic incident took place around 1-3 in the morning on the outskirts of Nandanavan police station. The deceased was identified as Noorkhan Madar Khan (80) who lives in the Danish plot in Hassanbag.

Nandanvan is the Panchshil Automobiles adjacent to the main road. Noor Khan has been on the petrol pump owned by Mustafa Hassanji for several years. On Sunday night around 10.30 pm, the Pamp employees left the house after the usual settlement of day-to-day transactions. Thereafter, Noorkhan managed to hold the cabin on the Pump. At around midnight, four robbers got their clothes tied on their pumps. There was noorakhan space at this time. They pushed the bandits. The robbers had siblings and bones. They tried to silence Noorkhan by silent. However, the elderly Noor Khan tried to flee from the fear of the thieves. Seeing that they became aggressive, the thieves slit them into the throats of blood. Then the accused took away a small saffron money in the cabins and fled the accused. During the dawn, he was shocked to see the employee, who had been cleaning up, forcing him to be in the throats of blood. On hearing this, those who worked around came running. He informed this information to Pampa director Mustafa Hassanji and Nandanawan police. Accordingly, Pampa's director Mustafa along with Nandanvan Nalawande reached the police squad on Pump. The chess expert and the dog squad were also called. After the assassination of the Noor Khan, the thief threw Kubhad and Sibal while trying to flee the safe. Mustafa told the police that the bank was locked up and sold 13 lakh rupees for two-three-day sales.

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