Mother murdered one year child

  • Mother murdered one year child
    Mother murdered one year child
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The shocking incident of killing a 14-month-old boy was found in the marriage and after his body was buried in the ground. Police have arrested three children along with her mother, her boyfriend and the Bhiwandi court has given the police custody to the accused till 8th February.

Birendra Yadav, who lives in Gundavali in Bhiwandi, had a love affair with Mamta in 2015. After them, Aryan was born. Although the wife was not well enough, she took her to her hometown of Uttar Pradesh. After the improvement of the wife's health, Birendra came back with the wife and the child. Since he did not have his own room, he lived with his family at Rakesh Patel's room. But after seeing Rakesh and Mamta's behavior suspicious, Birendra left his wife again and left the house. Meanwhile, Rakesh came to the village and brought Mamta home to his house.

On January 30, when Birendra came home from work, he understood that son Aryan had died. Then he went to Rakesh's house immediately. When asked about the child being weeping there, she said that Rakesh and Ajitkumar (Chhotu) both took the child to the funeral. Birendra informed the police about the suspicion of the child's death. The body of the child was buried in the area of ​​Gundavli village. Police searched the place and removed the dead body of the child and postmortem. Aryan (14 months) was diagnosed with a severe throat injury.

In the marriage of Mamta and Rakesh Patel, Aryan was an obstacle. Thus, Aryan was assassinated and murdered by each other. Later, a complaint was lodged against Mamta (25), Rakesh (30) and Ajitkumar Paswan (19) in Narpoli police station and the three accused were arrested after complaining that bodies were buried in the ground to destroy the evidence.

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