'Guide' to break ATMs on Youtube

  • 'Guide' to break ATMs on Youtube
    'Guide' to break ATMs on Youtube
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In order to be quick to get rich, two well-educated young people of general family tried to get information about the smashing of ATMs on YouTube. However, the police tried to thwart the attempt by the youth, and both of them tied the knife.

At the time of the loss of 23 lakh rupees, the ATM breaks in Satana, it does not turn up for a few hours. That is why the ATM security issue has come to the fore. Kiran Raghunath More (22, Krishna Heights, Shivanganagar, Dindori Road) and Amit Sahebrao Gavai (24, Shyam Apa, PNT Colony) are the names of two suspects. The court has given him the police custody till Dec 4. The duo tried to break the ATM center of State Bank of India, which is located in Kulkarni, in the city around 5pm on Friday. The general family and the highly educated suspects used to know about how to crack ATMs on YouTube in an instant. Accordingly, buying out the materials such as sieve, cutting, hammer from the market. On Thursday (30th of December), both of them fell out on a pulsar after the downpour was reduced. The suspects had covered their two-wheeler number plate too. At around 2:30 in the morning, both of them went to the ATM Center. They started breaking the ATMs by dividing it as nobody was there to see. The citizens informed the police control class by listening to the sound of dawn in the morning. The Sarkarwada police reached the spot at around 5:30 pm after the speeding team of the speeding team. Both of those suspected of breaking the ATM were found to be in police custody. One of them shouted towards Pandit Colney. Another police took control. The arrested suspect was arrested in 15 minutes. In the Sarkarwada police station, a case has been registered against suspects under section 393, 427. The court has sent four days police custody to suspected accused and further investigation PSI Anil Bagul is doing the case.

It is revealed that suspected accused has found information about how to break the ATM machine on YouTube. Both are educated and work in private places. Anyone else involved in this crime will be investigated. It seems to be the case of getting instant money.

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