Former Army Captain murder for not giving matchbox in pune

  • Former Army Captain murder for not giving matchbox in pune
    Former Army Captain murder for not giving matchbox in pune
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Crime Branch has succeeded in exposing the murder of former Captain Ravindra Bali (age 65) of the Army. In this case, a young man has been arrested near Panvel. Citing a cement block, he has been found murdered on the head of the former Captain since he did not give him a cigarette for his cigarette.

Robinson alias Robin Anthony Lazaran (aged 21, resident of Tarapur Road, Dastur Boys High School, Camp) is arrested. Robin has studied through English through XII After the murder, he was dead. The Crime Branch's Additional Commissioner of Police Pradeep Deshpande and Assistant Commissioner Sameer Shaikh told reporters at a press conference in Pandhar, Panwar taluka, that they were working in changing the way.

Camp camp Dr. Bali was living in a tent on the footpath near the Main Gate of the Southern Command office on Koyaji Road. Bali studied in the National Security Academy (NDA) in Pune. After that he started his career in the army. However, he quit his job because of family disputes. Within 20 years, after leaving Bali, she did not get the benefits of pension, VRS schemes. After working for some days, even after family members did not help him. For the past few years, they lived under a plastic shade on the pavement outside the Southern Command Office. He died on February 1 at around 12 o'clock in the middle of the assault by two-wheelers. In this case, a murder case was registered at Lashkar police station. The crime investigation was started by the crime branch.

CCTV footage checking was done in connection with the crime. At that time one person was found walking to Aurora Tower. When it was found out, it was understood to be Robin. Since the crime happened, it appeared to be missing. Inspector Sitaram More, Atul Sathe, Sandeep Talekar, Kalpesh Bansode and Mahendra Pawar arrested him from Panvel taluka. After investigating him, he confessed to the murder. Rabin and his friend Kunal More were coming home late at night on the incident. Robin had a cravings for smoking cigarettes. So he asked for a boxer to Bali, who was lying on the sidewalk on the causeway road. Bali did not give him a coincidence. So there was a fight between the two. Robin took the block of cement from it and put it on two or three times.

"Robin was in Pune for two days after the murder. His birthday was two days later. By celebrating it he cut his own hair so that he should not be identified. Also, after bringing a friend from the house to bring clothes and went to Mumbai. Later, he was working on a Chinese train at Pandher in Panvel. Robin is facing criminal charges for cheating. His mother has gone abroad for home work. The father runs the car, "said Samir Sheikh, Assistant Commissioner.

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