Facebook Friend Looted 4 Lacks

  • Facebook Friend Looted 4 Lacks
    Facebook Friend Looted 4 Lacks
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Someone who does not know in the street, but many people living in a misleading imagination, who have many thousands of friends on Facebook, have to face financial fraud due to a Facebook friend associated with strangers. J. J. Few frauds of a woman in the area were hit by the loss of just over four and a half lakhs.

Sumaiya Momin (38) is the name of this woman. Facebook came to friendship with Max Johannes, who claimed to have lived in New York City, two months ago. This friendship increased gradually, increasing the number of chatting. In such a conversation, Max pretended to be impatient. Due to his wife's cancer, she expressed her desire to help cancer patients in India.

He also urged the patients in India suffering from cancer, and requested me to cooperate, and he also requested to do the Sumaiya. He is sending financial help from the United States and he should use it for cancer patients. Sumayya promptly agreed on this, but he immediately agreed.

Max said sending iPhone, iPad, perfumes, diamonds, jewelery, dollars, etc. as the starting point of money from Sumaiya. As a part of this, Sumaiya's mobile phone was coming from Delhi. In this, Max has sent presents and said that he will have to pay some amount in the form of taxes in order to reach them directly. Sumaiyya expressed his willingness to pay the amount by believing Max's speech. He paid the amount of one and two lakhs of rupees five lakhs in different accounts.

Max was sent a dollar while the game was being cheated, and the new game was painted to prove that it was not for non-terrorist activities. It is said that such a telephone call from Delhi should be obtained in such a way. It was suggested that you have to pay only five lakh rupees for this certificate.

Due to this being suspicious, Sumaiya told a 14-year-old boy. He said that he is a fraudulent person. After this, it was decided to seek help from the police. Having forgotten this type, cheating of five lakh rupees was avoided.

Who they J. Marg police have registered a complaint with the police, and in some investigations, some accounts in Delhi amounting to Rs 4.5 lakhs were deposited.

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