Burglary to treatment blood cancer

  • Burglary to treatment blood cancer
    Burglary to treatment blood cancer
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Investigating officer of the Nigdi police arrested Saraiat Guptangar, who stole gold and silver ornaments after finding her house closed. Gold jewelery worth 406 grams has been seized from him.

The name of the meritorious man arrested was Mukesh alias Munna alias Manya, aka Dhananjay Baban Mune (21st, Ratnar, Kothrud, Mulgaon Ahmednagar). Mune was cleared by the Kothrud police. He has 32 cases filed against him. Even then he was stealing the city by violating the proceedings.

Police commissioner Ganesh Shinde informed about this in a press conference. Assistant Commissioner Ram Mandrurke, Senior Inspector Vijaykumar Palsule, Shankar Avatade and Assistant Inspector Devendra Chavan were also present. Chavan was informed about the incident that the serial offender will be traveling from Rawate to two-wheeler. From there on the roads leading to the city, Chavan, Tatya Tapirir, Narayan Jadhav, Swaminath Jadhav, Anand Chavan, Machchandra Ghanvat, Mangesh Gaikwad, Ramesh Mavskar, Kiran Khedkar, Kishor Padher, Vilas Kakan, Jamir Tamboli and others blocked the blockade. Every vehicle was being checked.

Mune was going from there. Seeing the police, he increased his bicycle speed. Police chased and arrested him. A total of 13 lakh 57 thousand 660 worth of gold jewelery, 406.19 grams of gold ornaments, two wheelers, cash 50 thousand rupees, burglary cutter, hexa blade, iron chinney, three leaves, screw driver, duplicate kiosks of different trains were seized from them. That's it.

He does the burglary for the treatment of blood cancer

There is no money to get treatment due to blood cancer (blood cancer). The blood needs to be changed every month. For the same hospital in Mumbai is cheaper than the treatment. However, Muni told the police that he had been alone in earning and being unable to pay the money, he was being treated by money laundering money. He has also shown the file of his treatment. However, senior police officials say that Muni is telling the cause of sickness to get sympathy. The bogus phone was told by Pune and the Additional Director General of Police of the Chief Minister Bolotoy, who had threatened the lives of the accused in Kopardi and moved to Pune. On Monday (December 4th) the police was found to have found a person named Kamble, who was calling him to stay free of charge in prison and after receiving a call from him for free treatment. On the next day, the matter has been brought to the notice of Mune.

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