154 C takeover with land; ANO of Nagpur, UOTC land scam

  • 154 C takeover with land; ANO of Nagpur, UOTC land scam
    154 C takeover with land; ANO of Nagpur, UOTC land scam
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On the basis of counterfeit documents, the government Brijkishor ​​Hargovind Agarwal, the owner of the land charged with shocking information that in lieu of the land was made with the help of the government had placed Bell hadapanyaca Rs 154 crores. There is a serious debate on the senior level of this issue which has created a stir in the administration. But no one is ready to disclose about it.

On Tuesday, in the case of Naxal campaign (eenao) and Unconventional Campaign Training Center (yuotisi) or land scam, in this case, March 20 Wadi police was registered against three senior six persons, then came to light. There is tremendous stimulus in the mechanism related to it. On this backdrop, when Lokmat raised the issue from related sources, many baffling aspects came forward. Accordingly,

ANO and UOTC construction took place more than 110 of the government for the 4.26 hectare (10.52 acre) of 5 / A land in the Mauja group in 1995 surabardi. At that time, the person named Vamanrao Samaj was showing his ownership rights. Given the government, he decided to give 15 lakh rupees to the supporters. According to this judicial system, this land belongs to the government. However, Samarth has denied this judicial verdict. The next 11 years, said the land transaction officer Krishna Baburavaji khanorakara capable of deploying power said. Khanorkar talked about selling the land to many builders and property dealers in the city. Property dealer brijakisora ​​Hargovind Agarwal (Director of Surabardi Estate Pvt Ltd) sold 35 lakh tonnes (Aena Records) by land bargain. Process of purchase transaction was made between February 21, 2008 and July 26, 2010. Reported  secondary registrar office and false documents binding, affidavit, or part of kharedivikrice (Mauja) accused so far Talathi Prakash Kashiram Borkar and then circle inspector Lamp Panchwadkar accused of going out or both revenue accounts to make a bond a few other help . After this, the use of land ownership began in Agrawal's name. This is a very non-conventional campaign venture training center, then the principal sesarava retirement Bhagat and then assistant police inspector Vilas Dattuji Jagtap caused some of his colleagues. Bhagat and Jagatap both Correction notebook reported Agarwal as the land owner of the land as the real name of the forgery documents and the government accused in the outward training center very seriously.

Accused accused the accused of accusing him of doing such a clean sweep, so much so Meanwhile, the ANO, UOTC was built in this country. The shield of the security wall was all ready. A door to enter, therefore, this land, which appears on the name of Agarwal, was closed in a way. Therefore, the movement started getting compensation for the land. Documents were prepared. According to reliable sources, Land Agarwal today wasapalelya rates sasanakadunaca understanding it is important to understand that the movement continues to receive 154 million government transfer. If this case is being thoroughly investigated, then the names of those involved in the scam may be revealed.

According to the 1995 decision, the government acquired the land, however, the revenue department officials did not make any difference in the situation. Due to mismanagement of revenue department, they were abandoned in the name of 7/12 of the land. So, the business of the legal rights of misuse of the business samarthakaduna khanorakarala or 7/12 khanorakara- Agarwal is made by other fake documents revenue department hand. Land was purchased by the government and Agarwal became the owner of the land.

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