10th student murdered after rape

  • 10th student murdered after rape
    10th student murdered after rape
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Police have identified an accused in the murder case of a 10th grade student after the rape in the old age village of Jind district of Old Jind district. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave this information on Sunday. Deputy SP Captain Singh has said that the case has been filed under Section 302 of the IPC and the body of the victim was sent to the post-mortem. He said that two SITs were also formed to investigate the matter. The victim had gone missing from the house last week for tuition after which she was missing and on Saturday her body was found near the canal.

The killing of the ruthlessly killed teenager and the damage to the private parts had caused the wall to stand up. Everyone was in the event. The victim's father said that her daughter was kidnapped and raped after that. The accused should be punished and we need justice. He said that if the administration had worked correctly, then this would not be with his daughter.

Rohtak PG's doctor S.K. Dattarwal has said that there were several marks of injury to the victim's body. There are also injuries on his private parts, which are quite indirectly. He said that the symptoms of sexual harassment seem to have involved three to four people in it.

The body of a teenager found near the canal in old age has happened in Jharkha Kurukshetra. On January 9, the teenager came out of the house for tuition, after which she did not return home. The youth of the village is being questioned about the teenager who is missing from that day. Even though the teenager has been identified, despite this Kurukshetra and Jind police, it has become a direct question that where the killings of the teenager killed and how the body-village reached the old age of old age. While no evidence was found on the canal track, it can be said that the dead body has been found at the recovered area or nearby place. 250 soldiers of the police searched the area throughout the day on Saturday. Despite this, no traces were found in the surrounding area.

The post-mortem of the deceased teenager revealed that gang rape was done with him. Then some object was harmed to the private parts of the teenager. The teenager was immersed in water, nose and mouth too were pressed. Apart from this, the internal organs of the teenager also suffered a lot, the way the teenager was tortured with it, it is being judged that, the number of poor people has increased, who have done a harmless act. However, the matter is of the jurisdiction of Kurukshetra District Police. For which Kuru area police has also formed SIT. Two SIT members have also received clay samples from old age on Sunday.

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