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Paradsinga is situated at Katol (Tahasil), Nagpur(District), MS .

Paradsinga is 64kms from Nagpur via Katol. Super fast buses are available for every 30mins from Nagpur. To reach Katol by train, the trains available are Dakshin Express, Chhattisgarh Express, and Gondwana Express. Paradsinga is 9kms away from Katol.There is an Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport at Nagpur



Shree Videhi Sati Ansuya Mata was born on 5th of May 1926 as the fifth child to mother Aanai and father Ramji at Paradsinga.

Mata lived with Paradsinga villagers, played song and showered enormous love and affection on them for six decades. Mata annihilated all the troubles and karma, fulfilled their desires and stood as the Head of the family for each of them. Their chaste love for her is so immense that they don't requisite any other God except Mata so; there is no other temple in the village. In Katol and nearby areas, without offering her naivedhya nobody takes their food
Pujya Sri Sivanesan Swamiji, who familiarized Mata to devotees, spent his whole life in Sai Seva by Baba's grace. Swamiji channelized and gave guidance to establish Sai Organizations and follow Sai Tatva. The most incredible gift Swamiji gave to devotees is tracing of real Avadhutas without seeing them and moving from Shirdi. Swamiji advised devotees to invite these Avadhutas to inaugurate Dhuni and Sai temples which increased the power and virtue of these temples. Many people are now being benefited from this all across the country.

Shree Videhi Sati Ansuya Mata, the mother incorporated bodiless existence who knows neither spite nor envy, who took birth to uplift the life of devotees in eha loka (materialistic world) and para loka (spiritual world)

Mata's eternal power attracts people towards her as she is plentiful with divine love and power. Mata kept herself away from worldly issues. Though Mata had no literary knowledge, she had abundant knowledge about all sastras. Pancha bhutas and asta siddhi were subdued to her and it is abstruse to understand her deeds. Mata has gigantic power, she blessed lakhs and millions of people at an instant and there is nothing impossible or difficult for MATA. Mata could read the minds of devotees. Whoever comes to see Mata with some purpose in mind always go home satisfied and there is always peace and gratification to devotees around her. Devotees who come to her with faith never returned disappointed.

Devotees offered her food, clothes and ornaments but she threw away all the offerings which devotees accepted as holy prasada. Mata brought water to waterless well, cured the sick, saved many lives, showed right path to many, and helped the helpless. Her eyes could give proper direction to the needy. Mata preferred the company of domestic animals. She lived anywhere, ate anything, and wore anything or sometimes nothing at all (digambara).

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