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Meetha Neem Dargha

Meetha Neem Dargha of Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Sahibha is the famous dargah in Nagpur. Urs is celebrated in month of Rajjab 26. Here One Neem tree is present inside the Dargah were Hazrat was Sitting, due to this reason the leaves of Neem tree became sweet and Hazrat became famous with the name called “Meetha Neem Wale Baba. 

Nagpur city is a melting spot of several cultures from the tribal background of Gonds, Nizam’s Subedars, Bhonsales, the British, and neo Budhists and now the seat of Hindu arm of political awakening propounded by late Golwalkar and his followers. The city with its Zero milestone is in more than several ways the center of India and its population of over 15 lakhs represent every community in the country. 

Meethaneem Baba ka Dargah in the lunar month of Mohurram attract all kinds of people in the winter nights singing the Sufi music and the piligrims in search of spiritual favors. During day time the Dargah is inconspicuous with small that ched tents and pan thelas and the very poor seeking alms from the passersby to the main thorough fare skirting the winter assembly building, the RBI building on one side and the Museum (known as Ajaibghar) and a school runby the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan on the other. We, myself and my wife lived nearby in a rented block of rooms in the first floor of a building in the Museum road. My wife was on the lookout for a household help to sweep the rooms, wash utensils and clothes of daily wear.

His wife located Manjubai an old weather beaten woman roaming around the tents near the Dargah and ventured to ask whether she would work for her. And the woman readily agreed without haggling for her wages or hours of work because she did not work anywhere else and perhaps nobody ever thought of offering her one in her condition of abject helplessness or she dared not ask anyone for help? It transpired later she lived in the tent of one Alam because he knew Aleem her youngest daughters husband. Manjubai’s family in the Indora Chowk anyway did not want her and by cleaning Alam’s tent he allowed her to remain and the offerings of food by the visitors to the Dargah ensured Manjubai did not starve.

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