Food that meets with your soul

  • Food that meets with your soul
    Food that meets with your soul
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“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul” .Who doesn't love fragrant, decadent biryani? It is one of the most coveted, and most sought after meals in the country -and rightly so. Prepared in a myriad of versions, the biryani is food for soul, but an aromatic indulgence at the same time.
BIRYANI as the name comes its stupendous aroma which mesmerises our soul, its colour with phenomenal luscious grain a bland of rich and spicy varieties. Biryani is the only course that various place to place but its original and basic scrumptious remains the same.
Hunger for different flavours and novel dishes can take a foodie anywhere. One look at the crowds that throng Mominpura, a predominantly Muslim area of the city proves this.
Nagpur is a place of food lovers, either in terms of street food or it comes for the traditional foods and all the above is biryani. When it comes for biryani the very first thing comes in our mind is Mominpura, this area which seldom sleeps. 
Mominpura is a riot of colours in this kilometre-long street. From bright cloth material with intricate zari work, glittering bangles, embroidered hijabs to Chikankari kurtas, bright skull caps, footwear and jewellery — this street is a shopper's paradise. Students who come to study in Nagpur Mominpura is heaven for them and especially when it comes for biryani.
An epitome of flavours, spices and careful cooking, the biryani that cannot be ignored in Mominpura, for veg-lovers things are not dismal as paneer biryani is a wholesome experience in itself. Using chunks of marinated paneer cubes, it uses kewra or rose water and saffron milk. The dish is complete with additions of mint leaves, fried onions and cashew nuts served with curd and exquisite salad.
There can be little doubt that biriyani originated in Iran. Even the name biriyani can be traced to the original Persian "birinj biriyan" - literally, fried rice.
There is no evidence that biriyani first came to this land with the Moguls. It is far more probable that it travelled with pilgrims and soldier-statesmen of noble descent to the Deccan region in south India. 
But at the end who want to go in details? After reading this I am sure you must need a full platter of hot Biryani, so go on and satisfy your soul.

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