This 'Dirty Picture' of Vidya does not, therefore, will like 'Yours Sulu'

  • This 'Dirty Picture' of Vidya does not, therefore, will like 'Yours Sulu'
    This 'Dirty Picture' of Vidya does not, therefore, will like 'Yours Sulu'
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Manufacturer: T Series / Ellipsis Entertainment
Director: Suresh Triveni
Stars: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia
Rating ***

There is no doubt that Vidya Balan is one of the actresses to take the film on her own. Examples of popular and successful films like 'Dirty Picture' and 'Kahaani' are examples of this. In this episode you can also add 'Tumari Sulu'. It is a different matter that in the last five years, the selection of good story-writing did not give the success of Vidya's films, but there is no scope for her talent to doubt her talent. The film 'Yours' is completely based on the performance of the film. Their agility, anxiety, simplicity and smiling make Sulu's life as lifelong housewife to make life bigger. In the film, Sulu is represented by the women in which the seeds of ambitions are alive. In whose mind there is faith in every turn of life that 'I can do'.

Sulocha Dubey (Vidya) lives with her husband Ashok (Manav) and son Pranav in a small flat of Virar in suburb of Mumbai. Ashok works as a supervisor-manager in a garment factory and earns 40 thousand rupees. Sulu listens to the radio and participates in the contests that occur in it, sometimes the prize wins. This time he has won a pressure cooker from the wow radio. In the radio's office, Sulochana is seen on the contests of becoming RJ and she wants to take part in it. Radio station owner Maria Sood (Neha) sounds sexy to Sulochana, and she makes RJ of Late Night Show. After this, the story takes a turn. A little spouse's ego, deterioration of a little child and the rest of the other family's resentment towards the late night show because when Sulu Late Night speaks lustily around the world, she becomes the 'sister-in-law' of the whole age. Anap-Shanap audio is also made. What will this work leave?

The writer-director has made every effort to adapt the story to homeless and inserted emotional scenes and dialogues in them. Some shy scenes laugh. But the film's tone is neither comic nor romantic Despite the film's Feel Metro being a family, it is family. The film 'Yours' is two hours and 20 minutes long and it's a problem. The film is completely dependent on the knowledge and draws only some tracks / scenes from them. In this sense, there is a lack of clarity in the script.

Human Kaul is a good actor, and according to the demand of his story, in every sense, keep himself a step behind theology. Neha Dhupia is in the role of the mistress of Radio Company. Their role is very limited. Despite having a radio in the center of the film, there is lack of attractive songs in it. If you are a fan of Vidya, then this film is for you.

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