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Ki and Ka

Ki and Ka is Kia (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and Kabir’s (Arjun Kapoor) story. Kia is a modern woman whose sole priority is her career- ambitious, smart and to the point. On the other hand, there’s Kabir, an IIT-B topper whose sole ambition in life is to become like his mother. Ummm… they mean a housewife/ homemaker. Love happens and owing to their contrasting opinion that compliments each other, Ki and Ka get married. Kia focuses on her career, dedicates all her time to getting better while Kabir takes over the reigns of their messy house. From cleaning, renovating to getting it back in action, Kabir does it all. He cooks, socializes with the neighbours, trains them for fitness and contributes towards their home. When Kia shares this unique story with the world, everybody is baffled and Kabir becomes a celebrity over night with his way of life and views towards gender equality. He becomes a celebrity in his own right and gains attention from all corners. These lead to jealousy and create tension between Ki and Ka. Will they survive this unique marriage?

At the very first thought of it, Ki and Ka sounds like a path-breaking concept. Isn’t it? Then what went wrong with such an important film?

The answer being- LACK OF GOOD WRITING. The reason why I say so is because there is A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CONCEPT AND A STORY!

Ki and Ka is only a concept. A concept that has been long fantasized by our society! There is no (as good as negligible) real example of role reversal in the Indian society. It’s easy to put it in place, but difficult to really imagine.

What drew people to the screens was the curiosity of what role reversal in marriages in India would result in? How far could it work? What struck the film hard was the unreal character of KA- Arjun Kapoor. Everybody would want a man like that. Why not? Or may be not? But the situations and the forcefully created conflicts created a disappointing picture.

It was refreshing to see a man asking his wife for money to run the house.

But the film went a step too far playing along the stereotypes.

Perhaps we wouldn’t have a right answer to what would’ve been acceptable, but not this for sure. Cinema is the art of telling stories. Concepts we all study through the various lists and articles that we see on a daily basis.

While the concept is still appealing, I’d sincerely hope that it is attempted yet again in Indian. But with a story that leaves an impact!

The society can definitely accept a House Husband!

At least in cinema.

But there is a substantial need for the right definition of a househusband instead of creating a starry notion even for the men who could look up to it as an example.

However, I’m happy that the film tried to encourage the idea of-

  1. House Husbands
  2. Acceptance of our capabilities and not falling for the societal pressures of gender roles
  3. For celebrating the exemplary spirit and art of housewives, or home makers to be right called so
  4. For encouraging the idea of acceptance of domestic conflicts and imperfection


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