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Kapoor And Sons: Since 1921

The Kapoors are a dysfunctional family living with their set of flaws and wounded relationships that keeps this little family together, yet apart. A lifetime after marriage,Harsh Kapoor (Rajat) and Sunita (Ratna Pathak Shah) have lost the lustre in their relationship. In the meanwhile, it is Sr. Kapoor’s (Rishi) heart attack that brings back the third generation of Kapoors home. Rahul (Farad Khan) and Arjun (Sidharth Malhotra) return home to Conoor to visit their ailing grandfather.

Instead of spending rest of his days getting treated, Daadu expresses his desire to have his last 2 wishes fulfilled.

  1. To be buried along with his fellow mates from the army instead of being cremated.
  2. To have a family picture with all the Kapoor family.

To fulfil Daadu’s wishes and respect his zest for life, the two brothers plan a surprise and through the series of events to fulfill Dada’s last wishes the dysfunctionality of this family is highlighted. Each member has a flaw, a secret and a lie that they are living with. Some would see this as betrayal, some as compromise. Beyond all, the film successfully travels to highlight the importance of your family and the beauty of imperfection.

It’s no glossy picture. But it’s heartwarming and tear jerking.

The beauty of KnS is in the fact that despite being a Dharma film with main stream actors, the film delivers a relevant story line that strikes a chord with many. There’s no exaggeration of emotions or tragedies. It’s so subtle that it’s often naive. But mostly and the best of it being, it’s HONEST.

Shakun Batra delivers the best of the year so far with a film that speaks to each person individually.

The writing of the film has some commendable efforts put in place, especially with the characterization. One of the best aspects of the film is that it’s focus is on the emotion and the strength of the moments of imperfection and love that otherwise get overshadowed with all the gloss and drama.

The casting of this film is just perfect, tailor made for each character. However, Fawad Khan’s screen presence and the complexity portrayed through his character is worth each buck of your ticket. Ratna Pathak Shah unsurprisingly delivers with just the required amount of emotion and grace.

The scenes between Ratna Pathak Shah with Rajat Kapoor and the ones with Fawad Khan are the true show stealers! Sid Malhotra and Alia are subtle, vibrant and fit for their part.

Kapoor And Sons is more of an after thought that you take out of the cinemas. It’s the connect that you make with the film and with your family.

Nothing short of real, nothing short of beautiful. It’ll leave you in tears and smiles together!


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