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  • Fukrey Returns Movie Review
    Fukrey Returns Movie Review
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'Fukuray' was released in the year 2013. The film was completely comedy and its songs were also liked. The character of Chitu of the film had become super hit and in spite of that Bholi Punjab too got in the heart. The team of these Phukars has come back with 'Fukrey Returns'. Chukra's character is a hit in 'Fukru Returns' and this time she has shown her charisma The tone of Delhi goes to the heart, and the film gives fun. But the movie does not stay anywhere near 'Phukre' because of this, 'Fukru Returns' is an attempt to make a big picture from Fukira. In this same scenario, the director is thrilled to make the movie thriller after forgetting the jokes one after the other. That's what makes things bothersome

The story of 'Fukrey Returns' starts from there, where the story of Fukru was over. Bholi is in Punjab Jail and a group of foilers: Honey (Pulakit), Chacha (Varun), Zafar (Ali) and Lalhi (Manjot) are living their life as before. The tip still looks like a queen and Hanny plays the stakes on it. Honey and Zafar want to marry their girlfriends while Lalhi is still in vain too before her father. But the story of the film changes when Bhola (Punjab) (Richa Chadha) jail is released, and he asks for the price of the prison and going out of it. Just this, there are many fluctuations in the movie Sequences laugh and have fun too. But at a time, laughs are lost somewhere, and the same thing gets bothered. Phuketas are accustomed to making Phukrapati

If 'Chukra' is removed from 'Fukka Returns', then there is hardly anything left in the film. Varun Sharma has played the character of Chit like it is fun. Their style of speaking and reflection is their prediction not only this Nagin's cut-off scene is amazing If talking about the rest of the stars, Pulakit, Ali and Manjot have done a good job too. In the role of Bholi, Richa is the same old style. In this way, the film can be called as Chacha.

Director: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba
Cast: Pulakit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Richa Chadha, Manjot Singh and Ali Fazl
Rating: 3

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