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Meet the FAN
Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) from Indravihar Delhi is obessesed with his idol, Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan again). Gaurav has all traits of a die-hard fan and is also called Jr. Aryan Khanna. Posters, pictures, dialogues, lyrics, imitation, he has done it all. Finally, he manages to win the local acting competition along with the cash prize of Rs. 20000.
Gaurav heads with this money to Mumbai, exactly the way Aryan did to meet his superstar on his birthday. But when he finds himself amongst a sea of fans for just one man, he is disappointed to have not been able to meet him. Gaurav is the fan that thinks that he is as a part of his superstar’s life as the superstar is of his. To serve his obsession, Gaurav takes a crooked path to meet Aryan Khanna. The outcome of which is that he feels betrayed by his idol, his God. He is no more Jr. Aryan Khanna. He is only Gaurav, a bitter, wounded fan who wants to show his power to the superstar. There the tale takes a twist! It’s GAURAV vs ARYAN. Or rather
SRK- The Actor vs SRK- The Superstar
FAN as a film is thrilling, surprising and unconventional. 2hrs 22minutes and no song in the film. It’s a gripping screenplay that with some masterful execution that results in some phenomenal on screen enigma.
Starting with credits to Greg Cannon, the make up artist who gave us Gaurav Channa of Shah Rukh Khan, the character builds along a long way. It’s all about Gaurav.
LET ME SAY THIS, GAURAV SETS A NEW BENCHMARK FOR SHAH RUKH KHAN- THE ACTOR. You can see him on screen, relate to his naïve acts, enjoy his tomfoolery, share his enthusiasm and feel his pain as if it were your own. SRK has given every ounce of brilliance to Gaurav- the body language, the energy, the slur, the wickedness. EVERYTHING.
We already do love SRK– The Superstar!
What is notable and worth applauding is the writing and characterization that sketches flaws and shades of grey in both the fan and the superstar. The megalomania, the ego trips, the temper, the right to ownership, the fear, there’s everything.
The ladies Shriya, Waluscha have a well-fit role in the film. Both with a character that makes a difference.
One of the most notable aspects in the film is the chase sequence. I think they’re overdone in both length and occurrence. The film has 3 chase sequences. The chase sequence in Dubrovnik was my favorite and quite a sight to watch. However, it was too long! The film could’ve easily been 15minutes shorter of duration and still been as impactful.
There are areas where the film goes through slumber, but these are tiny pot holes in a larger grand picture.
The VFX takes the film to another level. Mind you, Shah Rukh Khan is truly up to something with RedChillies VFX!
The silent hero of the film definitely was the mastermind Maneesh Sharma! No song or dance or corny dialogues, you made a film with a team of performers and a story. Beyond all you made the entire experience look flamboyant, international and fabulous!
Most importantly, the film questions the entire position and philosophy of both FANDOM & STARDOM! It’s no cake walk! To be an admirer or to be an individual achiever? The film subtly touches across so many points of the glorious and the gory and the greys! How legit is the idea of admiration? To the level of obsession? How legit is the idea of desire? To what extent? The film leaves it for you to think and decide for yourselves. PS. It’s a good time to say that Shah Rukh Khan is catching up with the new age filmmaking!

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