Sonam Kapoor talks about his engagement 

  • Sonam Kapoor talks about his engagement 
    Sonam Kapoor talks about his engagement 
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For the past few days, discussions about the relationship between Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are coming out. Although Sonam Kapoor has never accepted his relationship openly, his instagram account only says something else. In social media, close proximity between Anand and Sonam is visible.

Recently there were some rumors that Sonam is going to engage with Anand. It was believed that the actress and her boyfriend would be engaged in the beginning of next year. However, when Sonam was asked about this, he told these rumors as baseless, "Now my attention is only towards my work."

Sonam was also asked about his alleged relationship with Anand about which he said, 'I do not want anything written on it. All this should be in my control. However, nothing in my life is in my control. People say anything about me on social media. They count me on seeing, standing, my eating, my acting, my dialect. I want to save those who come in my life from this because because of me, I should not have such a problem which I have. This is wrong and it is my personal matter. I do not want to talk about this. I will never hide my relationship, but I do not want to talk about it too. "

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