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The Laxminarayan Institute of Technology

Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Amravati Road, Opposite Bharat Nagar, Nagpur


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Laxminarayan Institute of Technology which was founded in 1942 owes its existence to the munificent donation of the Late Rao Bahadur D. Laxminarayan of Kamptee who by sheer hard work and inspite of many difficulties, not only amassed a considerable fortune, but became a prominent figure in the public affairs of the Province. During his life time, it must have occurred to him that the backwardness of the Province was in a large measure due to the lack of higher training and research in Technology. His work brought him into contact with problems which required the aid of Technologists for their solution, and in order that this want should not stand in the way of progress, he bequeathed the main part of his property, then estimated at Rs.35,20,540/- to the Nagpur University by his Will dated the 3rd May 1930, for the purpose of "Teaching of Applied Science and Chemistry". For this a Committee was appointed by Nagpur University on 6th February 1932, known as the "Bequest Scheme Committee", which consisted of eminent men of Science, Industry and Public Affairs drawn from all over India. This committee with Sir M.B. Niyogi, Vice-Chancellor as Chairman recommended to establish an Institute of Technology for teaching Industrial Chemistry with particular emphasis on the application of Science to the industrial development of the province, then known as Central Provinces and Berar. 

In the year 1934, the scheme was prepared for starting a two years' B.Sc. (Tech) course. The present site of 78.04 acres for the Institute was selected in the year 1936 by Late Sir Harisingh Gour who had a vision which anticipated the future requirement of a developing Institution. In the year 1937, the University appointed Dr. R.S. Thakur as Officer-on-Special Duty to look after the work of Building, Equipments, etc. for the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology.

The Institute started functioning with seven admissions for a two-year B.Sc. (Tech) course with Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology and Oil Technology as subjects on 1st August 1942 with Dr. S.A. Saletore, Professor of Organic Chemistry (Applied) as Director-in-Charge. It was officially inaugurated during the regime of Dr. T. J. Kedar, Vice-Chancellor, on 9th January 1943, by the Hon'ble Shri. N.R. Sirkar, Commerce Member, GOI.

The development during 1942 to 1947 was not very note worthy because of the World War. However, the student population increased to 34 and 11 members of the staff were appointed.

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