Bengaluru Bulls Beat Tamil Thalaivas 32-31

  • Bengaluru Bulls Beat Tamil Thalaivas 32-31
    Bengaluru Bulls Beat Tamil Thalaivas 32-31
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Nagpur: It starts off with Ajay Kumar and Ajay Thakur with the starting raids but are empty ones. Ajay Thankur goes into an ankle hold that leaves Rohit Kumar with 1 point. Bengaluru bulls
picks up their game as Ajay Kumar takes out Amit Hooda with a smart escape. Tamil Thalaivas are strating to pick up pace thanks to Pranpanjan and Ashish Kumar. The teams
are fighting points! A great touch by Rohit Kumar and C Arun Kumar at the right corner is unfortunetly not quick enough to back off. Bengaluru Bulls take out Bhavani Rajput,
following a running touch hand by Rohit who brings Tamil Thalaivas down to 1 man. A bonus point is given to D Pradap but due to a collapse on the raider, the bulls get an all out. Ajay
Thankur gets dismissed because of Ravinder Pahal’s super quick stunt with a Thigh touch. And yet again, Rohit Kumar proving to be a true leader gets two defenders out in no time.
Wasting no energy, the Thalaivas very own Prapanjan, scores a point with ease following his quick moves to out Pritam Chillar. Rohit Kumar lands another bonus point and shits back. He
makes this sport look way easier than it is.

What was intended to be a backhold by Pradap turns out to be a backfire as Rohit Kumar gets back on his feet. There’s no stopping this man! Admist the DO-OR- DIE Raid, Skipper
Ajay Thakur is pinned down yet again. The thalaivas are facing the heat of the bull and it does not look too good as Prapanjan is taken out by Mahender’s block tackle and Amit
Hooda is also taken out in light of poor defence in pinning down the bulls captain. The crowd is super uneasy and excited all at once while they face the second ALL OUT in the
game with M. Thivakaran getting out. Finally, some sort of relief is restored in the Tamil Thalaivas faces as their skipper, Ajay Thakur is revived back into the game. Ravinder Pahal
decides to give Prapanjan an ankle touch and take him out. Twice is a lesson for Amit Hooda as he gets out again by Ajay Kumar. In serious action, Skipper Ajay Thakur takes out
Ravinder Pahal. Right before the end of the 1 st  half, we witness Bengaluru Bulls’ very own skipper taken out. Scores for the first half Raid 12 points for the Bulls and 6 for the
Thalaivas, Tackle points are 7 and 1, All out points are 4 and 0, while Extra points are 0 and 1 respectively for the Bengaluru bulls and Tamil thalaivas.

As the 2 nd  half begins, there is a heat of panic across the Thalaivas as they squirm to pick up their game. Bengaluru bulls start of with a raid that turns out to be empty and as quick as a
snake, Thalaiva skipper takes out Sachin Kumar. After Ajay Kumar is taken down by the Thalaivas, The Bulls use their tactics and take out the skipper Ajay Thakur in no time, just
when we thought the Thalaivas were making a great come back! Dong Geon Lee makes a presence for the Thalaivar. Admist this new entry, Bulls lose their skipper. It’s time for DO
OR DIE  for the Korean player, and he does make it indeed, escaping a deadly ankle touch. Geon Lee was taken out and soon followed by an ALL OUT!  The bulls defence strategy is
looking pretty strong. With tremendous effort, Thakur escapes the bulls and makes it down to single digits.  After a couple of time outs and raging defence, THE BENGALURU BULLS
TRIUMPH OVER THE TAMIL THALAIVAS with Raid points 15 and 16, Tackle points 13 and 8, All out points 4 and 4, Extra points 0 and 3.

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