Why did Modiji 'sell out' Gujarat's education system: Rahul

  • Why did Modiji 'sell out' Gujarat's education system: Rahul
    Why did Modiji 'sell out' Gujarat's education system: Rahul
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Stating that 80 per cent engineers in Gujarat are unemployed, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why the state's education system has been "sold out".

This was Gandhi's 11th question as part of a Congress strategy of asking one question daily to Modi ahead of the Gujarat Assembly polls.

"80 per cent engineers are unemployed. Tata Nano is a jumla (rhetoric), the car is not moving. Those who demand jobs, are greeted with bullets," said Gandhi on Twitter.

"The future of the youth has been put at stake. Education system has been sold out," he said.

"Why did Modiji commercialise education centres," Gandhi asked.

Gandhi has been putting one question every day in a bid to take on the BJP government in Gujarat, where polling was held on Saturday, and in the second phase will be held on December 14. 

He previously put posers on unemployment among youth, women safety, education, health, tribal issues, "undue benefit" to power selling companies, state debt and the Prime Minister's flagship 'Housing for All' scheme. 

Earlier on Saturday, Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi saying that the issue of 'development' has been missing from his speeches.

"'Vikas' (development) is missing from the Prime Minister's speeches this time. What is the reason," Gandhi asked on the day of the first phase of polling in Gujarat.

He said the BJP government has been in power in Gujarat for the last 22 years. "There was no manifesto till the campaigning for the first phase ended. Is rhetoric the new government in Gujarat?" 

Gandhi said the Prime Minister has also not answered any of his last questions. "I asked him ten questions on the Gujarat report cards, he did not reply." 

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