RSS meeting in Nagpur

  • RSS meeting in Nagpur
    RSS meeting in Nagpur
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The meeting of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is being held today. The three-day meeting is held every year, but this time the meeting is special because it is happening in Nagpur.

The meeting of the League of Representatives is held every three years in Nagpur. Well this time there is another reason for the meeting to be special. It is believed that there may be some change in leadership at the top level of the RSS in this meeting. It is the responsibility of the Chief Minister to be considered the role of number two in the discussion association.

Significantly, Bhaiyaji Joshi has been in office for the last 9 years. This time, in their place, this responsibility can be given to Sahasarayvariya Datratray Hosbole. In the place of Bhaiyaji Joshi, the talk of getting the responsibility for Hosboli was also raised in the meeting of the previous delegation, but then Bhaiyaji was asked to remain in the post and the matter was postponed.

It is believed that this time Bhaiyaji Joshi can be freed from his current responsibility and after the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat, Dattrayrey Hosbol can come in the role of number two in the RSS. Bhaiyyaji Joshi himself has urged him to be free from his health reasons.

Every three years the organization of the House of Representatives is held in the meeting held at Nagpur headquarters of the union. Along with that, the other major office bearers of the association are also appointed. All office bearers have a tenure of three years.

The third term of the current Sarkariya Suresh Bhaiyaji Joshi's third term is also being completed in the month of March this year. Joshi has long since expressed his wish to be free from post. It is believed that this time they hardly get ready to handle another term. In such a situation, Sahasarakaryva Dattatreya Hosbale can be chosen as the next head of the Sangh.

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